Noted PS3 Hacker George ‘GeoHot’ Hotz Now Employed by Facebook

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While most figured that noted hacker George ‘GeoHot’ Hotz would land safely on his feet after his settlement with Sony, where exactly the arguably skilled youngster might end up was still up in the air. Now, as confirmed through various messages to his friends, it looks like Hotz is working for Facebook.

Though it might seem like an awkward fit for someone who recently ruffled the feathers of a juggernaut entertainment company, Hotz might be able to finally deliver the iOS app that mobile users have been clamoring for from Facebook for quite some time. Or perhaps Facebook was more interested in Hotz for his knowledge of security of vulnerabilities. So early on it is tough to tell.

As of right now, all we know is that the man who jumpstarted the most recent hacking craze, which escalated from the PS3 root key reveal into a full on breach of the PSN’s security (which was in no way connected to GeoHot), has now gone legitimate with his endeavors.

Some might have wanted to see what Hotz had in store for future devices and software, but this is the type of field we figured he might end up in. Despite a general blasé attitude toward corporate entities’ threats, Hotz had always shown a willingness to use his skills to help strengthen security measures rather than exploit them.

Thankfully Hotz, whose hacks seem harmless on the grander scale of events, didn’t let hubris push him into the “most wanted” territory that the PSN hackers have entered.

Really, this is the classic tale of a noted computer whiz kid who showed his skills, overstepped his bounds, but ended up coming out better in the end. What the future at Facebook has in store for Hotz is yet to be determined — whether he will be strengthening the site’s security or helping increase their viability across mobile platforms — but one thing is for sure, he can’t possibly regret messing with Sony.

How would you like to see George Hotz take his skills as a hacker and apply them to his legitimate employment at Facebook? Do you think that some hackers tamper with security and whatnot in an attempt to lure business opportunities?

Source: Tech Unwrapped

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