Watch 24 Minutes of Gameplay Footage From the Controversial Genshin Impact

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In June, Chinese developer MiHoYo announced Genshin Impact, a forthcoming open world action game that appears to be influenced heavily by The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Some fans feel that MiHoYo has gone too far in its borrowing from Breath of the Wild, and Sony's recent support of the title has led to some controversy, with a player smashing a PS4 in protest of Genshin Impact at ChinaJoy 2019.

That said, the similarities between Genshin Impact and Breath of the Wild will certainly not feel problematic to everyone, and some may even consider these similarities amongst the most appealing aspects of Genshin Impact. Regardless of a player's position on this matter, though, it is now more possible than ever to see MiHoYo's game in action, as approximately 24 minutes of off-screen gameplay footage have emerged from the ChinaJoy expo.

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When watching this footage, the influence that Breath of the Wild has had on Genshin Impact will become immediately apparent. From the art design, to the paragliding, to the climbing, and beyond, it is clear that Nintendo's open world Zelda game is a point of reference for MiHoYo in its development of this new title. However, there are some differences to be seen in this Genshin Impact gameplay footage from ChinaJoy 2019 as well.

For instance, Genshin Impact features multiple playable characters, and the off-screen gameplay shows fans swapping between them at will. Furthermore, each of these characters appears to have their own combat focus, with one using magic while another relies on a sword. It seems then that part of Genshin Impact will be determining what character is most suited for any particular situation that is encountered.

Additionally, as players get their hands on Genshin Impact, it is likely that the game will distinguish itself even further from Breath of the Wild. Sony's recent announcement that Genshin Impact will release on PS4 also means that even more players will get a chance to experience the game first hand. While some may be wary of the title, to the point that they smash a console in outrage, others are certainly looking forward to diving into the world of Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact is scheduled for release in 2020 on PC, PS4, and iOS.

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