Comic-Con 2012 is well underway in San Diego, California, and there’s really no better place to get fans excited for an upcoming release than the Con. Epic Games knows this and that’s why this year’s event has been home to an extensive update on Fortnite, and now a new map for Gears of War: Judgment. The name of the new multiplayer arena in question is Island, and it will be playable in Gears of War: Judgment‘s new OverRun mode when the game releases in March next year.

Accompanying the new multiplayer level reveal are ample amounts of media highlighting some of the most distinguishable aspects of the newly unveiled battlefield. Four glorious looking screenshots, and an action-packed trailer highlighting the play styles of both sides of the COG and Locust conflicts in OverRun. Each side will be able to interact uniquely with the terrain, but setting up a position based on class-type will be crucial for anyone hoping to walk away from the game with a win.

Wretches have the ability to climb up certain areas and sneak up on unsuspecting COGs, but the human forces can fortify their position on Island and keep the Locust scum from advancing any further. Regardless of the outcome, Island appears to be one of the most well-designed maps for the new OverRun mode, and we can’t wait to see what else Epic has prepared for the game’s release early next year.

The first ever trailer highlighting Gears of War: Judgment‘s Island map can be seen below.

Gears of War: Judgment is set to be one of the first must-have games of 2013, and while details are currently slim on the project, fans are undoubtedly excited for a prequel to the recently concluded trilogy. Based on what we’ve seen of OverRun thus far, it looks to be a solid addition to the Gears experience — let’s just hope that the final mode is as awesome as that trailer made it look.

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