'Gears of War' Announcement at Next Month's Spike VGAs

Gears of War VGA Announcement

Gears of War 3 is sitting atop many 360 gamers' lists of Most Anticipated Titles. It's even nominated for "Most Anticipated" at this year's annual Spike Video Game Awards. Of course, when a game that isn't even due to hit store shelves until mid-2011 is up for an award, odds are the company behind it is going to tease an exclusive reveal -- not only to increase the odds of walking away with the award, but to get free advertisement at one of the largest gaming events on television.

According to the latest advertisement for the upcoming video game awards there will be a world exclusive reveal related to the Gears of War franchise and it will be done, naturally, by the one and only Cliff Bleszinski. Cliff appeared in the ad to announce the exciting reveal and mentioned that it's "not what you're expecting." What could this mean? Check out the official trailer below to try to find out for yourself.


One obvious possibility is the rumored Kinect-enabled Gears of War title that has been floating around for a couple of weeks. As previously mentioned, however, Cliff went on record as saying that this announcement is "not what you're expecting" and at this point a lot of people are expecting that. Although, commercials tend to be shot weeks (maybe even months) in advance of airing, so news on motion-controlled Gears of War action may not have even been "leaked" then.

When Bleszinski was asked on Twitter if Gears 3 was delayed to add Kinect functionality, Cliffy bluntly replied "No Kinect in Gears 3." What he didn't do was deny the existence of a Kinect-only Gears of War title, so it's possible that this could be the big announcement. Kinect and Gears seem like an odd fit, and it's only a rumour for the time being, but that's really the only ground breaking announcement that comes to our heads.

If it turns out to not be a Gears of War game for Kinect then it could really be anything. Maybe Cliff will announce the long since pondered upon fate of Clayton Carmine. Maybe Epic will show off a returning General RAAM. Even a "Cole Train" only chapter would be incredibly awesome. All anyone at this point can do is speculate on what the new Gears news could mean, but whatever the big reveal is, it's unlikely that Cliff and Epic Games/Microsoft will disappoint.

What do you think the big announcement will be? Would you buy a Kinect-enabled Gears of War title?

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