New Gears of War 3 Screenshots Focus On Weaponry

In the words of Clarence Bodicker in that classic film Robocop, "Guns, guns, guns!"

I know the build-up to E3 is killing you.  Trust me,  it's killing us, too.  The Gears of War 3 hype wagon is sure to kick into overdrive during the event next week, and will no doubt shower us with more screenshots and in-game footage than we can handle.  But that is next week -- we live in the here and now.  How about some new images from Epic Games' third  entry in their flagship franchise?

You've no doubt already seen the in-game images of the game and the announcement trailer.  These new images are essentially pre-visualization concepts that made the cut into the final game. So if you want the inside scoop on some of the new weapons and Locust vehicles, look no further than this gallery.

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As is always the case in predicting upcoming content in this secretive industry we love so much, the details of Gears Of War 3's story are still scarce.  We know that Humanity's fight against the Locust Horde is not going too well.  We know that the last-ditch effort to rid Sera of the Horde for good -- sinking the final Human city, Jacinto -- has failed to destroy them all.  We also know that an "emulsion"-addled third faction, known as the Lambent, have now taken the Horde's place as the primary aggressor on Sera, pitting the COG soldiers against two armies instead of one.

Looking at the above images and the ones from our previous news story, it's clear that improvisation and customization were the key tenets in the design document at Epic Games' HQ.  A floating shanty town serves as the COG base, duct tape-covered sawed-off shotguns and heavily personalized armor seem to set the tone for humanity's last stand against all the aggressive foes clawing to wipe them out.  This is the last stand, and Marcus' resources are all but spent.

Times have changed for our COG soldiers:  The situation is grim enough to cause Marcus Fenix to rip off his sleeves entirely.  The testosterone-drenched atmosphere of the prior two games has apparently forced Dominic Santiago's manliness out through his face in the form of a big bushy beard.  The Cole Train now sports armor with a  green motif, softening his edges a little, and grumpy Baird appears to be completely unchanged from Gears Of War 2.  Additional recruits come in the form of the comparatively malnourished Jace Stratton, and the now badass Anya, who has apparently abandoned her cushy office job in COG Intelligence in favor of a weighty COG armor that, although made from slabs of metal, still retains her feminine curvature.

Usually in a Gears of War game, you can count on the arrival of a huge  game-changing weapon at just the right moment in order to turn the tide of a losing battle.  With that in mind, take a look at the COG One-Shot:  Of all the weapons in the COG arsenal, the COG One-Shot looks like it could seriously even the odds.  It looks to be a counter-weighted, belt-mounted elephant gun of all things, yet the name One-Shot implies it is a sniper rifle.  What a world!

So, what do you think, Ranters?  Have we sated the hunger for one more week?

Gears of War 3 will be released in North America April 5, 2011.

Source: Game Informer Online

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