Gears of War 3 Developer Diary End Trilogy

Gears of War 3 is quickly nearing its long anticipated September release date, and fans of the franchise couldn’t be more excited. Many wish that they could get their chainsaw on right now, but the sad fact is that once gamers tear through the game’s campaign, the story that the previous two games built up to is officially over. Gears of War 3 is the last game planned in the series’ current trilogy, and even though there will be more Gears of War games in the future, it could be the last time that we see Marcus Fenix and the rest of Delta Squad.

Epic Games knows how important the third Gears of War is, and they’ve taken the liberty of summarizing the story arcs in the game’s campaign in a new video diary.

The new behind-the-scenes-vid¬†explains how they plan on dealing with the relationship between Marcus and his father, how Dom is coping after the loss of his entire family, Anya Stroud’s transition from dispatcher to soldier, and even how Cole Train is dealing with returning to what’s left of his hometown.

You can see the new Gears of War 3 video diary, titled ‘Crescendo’, below:


There was also some brand new campaign footage in the new trailer, which was a nice little bonus. More importantly Cole Train seemed to have survived after being thrown by an explosion in the campaign debut trailer (which you can check out at 0:40). The game is looking great, and the fact that Gears of War 3 has “the longest campaign that Epic has ever produced for a single-player game” certainly makes the game seem more appealing.

There are quite a few story arcs that Epic Games has to bring to a close in Gears of War 3, and I can’t wait to see how the story ends later this year.

Gears of War 3 launches on September 20th exclusively for the Xbox 360.

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