Gears of War 3 Avatar Lancer and Hammerburst Items on Xbox Live

This week has been a huge one for Gears of War 3, and it looks like they’re coming off of their epic campaign trailer video in some style!

Yesterday brought the Gears of War 3 store to the Xbox Avatar marketplace, featuring everything from lancers and hammerbursts to pun shirts and back again.

If you’re not already touting a “Carmine Must Die” or “Save Carmine” shirt (in the name of charity!), you’ll find a solid selection ranging from weapons to full-on Gears of War 3 outfits.

If being a Kantus isn’t your thing, you can always get in the mood for a good ol’ round of thrashball, baby! Woo!

Here’s the list of new Gears clothing you can get, along with their respective prices:

  • ‘Ladies Love The Baird’ Tee — 80MSP
  • Carmine Helmet — 80MSP
  • COG Hoffman Hat — 80MSP
  • COG Lancer Tee — 80MSP
  • Crimson Omen Tee — 80MSP
  • Gears of War Beta Tester Tee — 80MSP
  • Gears Hat — 80MSP
  • COG Armor — 320MSP
  • Cole’s Thrashball Uniform — 320MSP
  • Clayton Carmine Armor — 320MSP
  • Kantus Dressup — 320MSP
  • Lancer — 320MSP
  • Gold Lancer — 320MSP
  • Hammerburst — 320MSP
  • Gold Hammerburst — 320MSP
  • Berserker Pet — 240MSP
  • Ticker Pet — 320MSP

There’s no doubt that bling of a gold lancer – whether on your avatar or in the actual game – is going to increase your Gears fan reputation, it’s just a question of if fans are willing to shell out the comparatively heavy pricing for such items. With 320 MSP about as high as avatar items can go, it may be an item for the more hardcore Gears fans – or those with points sitting around to burn.

For 80 points, the ‘Ladies Love the Baird’ shirt is actually a pretty solid piece of clothing that, hopefully, will be turned into an actual shirt – as it certainly has appeal. No doubt that it was a running joke in the Epic Games office they got tired of – before the first game even came out! No news on if the replica lancer producer, Triforce, will be working on any gold lancers that you could hang above your fireplace, so it looks like we’ll have to make due with what we can give our virtual avatars in the meantime.

You can take a look at the Xbox Live store for the items right here on the computer. What do you think about the all-new Gears of War 3 Avatar accessories? Do you see anything you’d buy for your avatar?

Gears of War 3 is set for release on September 20th, 2011 for Xbox 360.