Gears of War 2 Turns to Facebook for Bonus XP Weekend

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During this year's Comic-Con, Epic Games was running a ridiculously high, yet awesome, 20 times XP event for Gears of War 2. That decision was based off of Twitter, and I guess the folks at Epic have a soft spot in their hearts for social networks because executive producer Rod Fergusson announced, via Twitter, that Gears of War 2's next bonus XP multiplier digit will be decided through Facebook.

How will they decide using Facebook and how can you help beef up the number you ask? It's simple. All you have to do is log onto your Facebook profile, head over to the official Gears of War page, and "Like it." Epic Games will then take the number of people who like the page and divide it by 1,000 and the resulting number will be the multiplier for the upcoming event.

That's not even remotely a bad deal considering that the Gears of War Facebook page currently has over 17,000 people who "Like it" and it has already jumped up nearly 3,000 "Likes" since this morning. The actual event is set to kickoff on Labor Day weekend, so if you are desperately trying to claw your way to those heavily sought after wings (aka level 100) then you better start trying to get every one of your Facebook friends to "Like" the Gears page. You could try to gain your grandmother's support if you get desperate, but I doubt she will be keen on using the internets to "Like" something on "bookface."

I love Gears of War and I missed out on the 20 times XP thing because I was at lame-ass Comic-Con! I'm completely joking about Comic-Con being lame but I did miss out on the 20 times XP -- this time will be different though. Anthony Carmine and General RAAM are my multiplayer characters of choice, and together they will help me boost my rating to ridiculous levels. Plus, it's a good time to get some practice in with Gears of War 3 on the horizon.

I'll see you guys and girls this Labor Day on Gears of War 2 for at least 17 times XP. Don't worry I won't completely destroy your soul -- I save that for Red Dead Redemption when I kill your horse.

Are you guys pumped for some crazy intense Gears of War 2 action on Labor Day? Who is your multiplayer character of choice on both COG and Horde?

Source: Twitter

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