'Gears of War 2' Halloween XP Event Going on Right Now

Gears of War 2 Halloween Event

Gears of War 2 is one of the best selling, not to mention popular, games on the Xbox 360, and it still has a loyal online following - even after almost two years since hitting store shelves.

As of late, it is likely that some gamers have likely allowed Gears of War 2 to sit and gather dust on their game shelves, but Epic Games aims to change that this weekend by hosting a massive 31 times XP event. Dust off your lancer and get online because it's time to chainsaw some noobs.

The added 31 times XP bonus should help flush out some of the "less experienced" players which means fresh meat for all of the Gears-heads who still continue to play the game on a regular basis. Those among you who are not very familiar with the art of "two piecing" (it's an in-the-know term) can still run around lancering unsuspecting foes and gaining 31 times the points for it, so you should be able to move up a few levels during the event.

Gears of War 2's 31 times XP is massive and will be the easiest way for fans to get to level 100 and obtain those infamous wings, but of course Epic Games couldn't just leave it at 31 times XP - and have decided to add a holiday-themed treat to the game's Horde mode. Horde mode has been altered to feature a "special chainsaw massacre edition of Horde" just in time for Halloween. This means that every Locust that you encounter will be trying to chop you up into "nothin' but bits."

This all sounds great but the best, possibly most frightening, part about this Horde modification is the fact that the player will be unable to stun enemies who are running at them with their lancer revving. This makes for some horrifyingly delightful gameplay - which essentially plays out like the Texas Chainsaw Massacre (minus the whole messy wearing someone else's skin thing).

This Halloween event is a great way to get players back into Gears of War 2, but it won't last long. The 31 times XP extravaganza is set to end this Tuesday, November 2nd. That's not a lot of time so if you plan on getting those Gears wings - then you better get cracking now.

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