Gears Tactics Xbox Release Confirmed

gears tactics xbox release confirmed

Ever since Microsoft purchased the rights to the Gears of War IP from Epic Games, it has been working to expand its reach. This has included continuing the main franchise beyond the original Xbox 360 trilogy, as well as investing in spinoff titles, like the upcoming Gears Tactics. We haven't heard much about Gears Tactics since its E3 2018 reveal, but The Coalition studio head Rod Fergusson offered fans a brief update on the game on Twitter.

After Gears Tactics was notably absent from E3 2019 and Gamescom, a fan asked Fergusson about the game, asking which team is developing it and if it will ever come to Xbox, as it had previously only been confirmed for PC. Fergusson answered both questions, confirming that the game development studio Splash Damage is working on Gears Tactics, and that Gears Tactics is in fact coming to Xbox.

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Now, it's important to note that the Twitter user didn't specify "Xbox One," so it's entirely possible that Gears Tactics will be coming to Project Scarlett instead of the current-generation Xbox One. This could explain why the game wasn't originally confirmed for Xbox One during its E3 2018 reveal, but if Gears Tactics is coming to Project Scarlett, it means fans of the franchise may have a long wait ahead of them before the game is actually released.

That being said, fans who follow Gears of War news closely have already been waiting ages for Gears Tactics. As some may recall, Gears Tactics was leaked back in 2013. How similar the current iteration of the game is to the 2013 leak remains to be seen, however.

Gears Tactics isn't the only Gears of War spinoff that's in the works. A Gears of War/Funko Pop mobile crossover is also in development, and is due for release on August 23. There have also been talks about a Gears of War movie, which will reportedly exist in a different universe than the video games.

Of course, the biggest upcoming Gears of War release is Gears 5, which is set to launch for PC and Xbox One on September 10. Those who are subscribed to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate can try the game four days early, beginning September 6.

Gears Tactics is in development for PC and Xbox.

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