'Gears of War' HD Collection for Xbox One Teased Yet Again

There was plenty to be excited about when Sony and Microsoft introduced the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One to the world, respectively. But it wasn't all good news. For all their advertised differences, both consoles shared one annoying drawback: they weren't backwards compatible, so players had to hang on to your PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 if they wanted to keep playing those games.

Thankfully the trend of high-def remakes was already on the rise in the previous console cycle, bringing modern facelifts to classics like the God of War, Tomb Raider, and Silent Hill games. The trend has carried over to next-gen with ports such as Halo: The Master Chief Collection. Rumors have persisted for a while that Xbox's other tentpole sci-fi franchise might be getting a next-gen upgrade for Xbox One, and now another hint suggests that news might be forthcoming.

Gears of War fans have been hoping for a while that Microsoft would give them the gift of being able to chainsaw a Locust's face in glorious high-definition. So far, however, nothing has been confirmed. So, an enterprising redditor calling themselves Sanders67 decided to go straight to the source and message Xbox head Phil Spencer on Xbox Live. Sanders67 asked:

Hey Xboss, Please give me a simple answer Are we'll see GOW collection Soon in my Xbox One . Yes or No :(

And Spencer replied:

Haha, I can't announce that. But stay tuned.

Gears of War HD Collection teased

That's a long way from a confirmation, but it's not the first hint to suggest a Gears of War HD remake collection might be on the horizon. In October 2014, Spencer retweeted a message from a Twitter user @SimonSlays, referencing a potential Gears HD collection. You can see the original tweet below.


Spencer later backpedaled, saying, "Mistake on retweet, Love the passion for Gears but no announce." Which, just like this latest interaction, isn't exactly a denial.

After the success of the Master Chief Collection, an HD Gears of War remake collection seems inevitable. Gears helped define the Xbox 360 era, and there are plenty of fans who would jump at the chance to play upgraded versions of their beloved franchise. It's also worth noting that 2016 will mark the tenth anniversary of the release of the original Gears of War game, the perfect time to slate Gears 4, an HD collection, or both.

After Microsoft purchased the Gears of War IP from Epic Games last year, development on the fourth Gears of War game is being handled by Black Tusk Studios. Some speculated that Black Tusk's game speculated might be an outright reboot of the franchise, but the studio suggests they're getting back to the franchise's roots. Spencer even chimed in by saying that the game would be "soulful and maybe even a little dark."

This past January, Spencer said on Twitter that Black Tusk was "making massive progress" with Gears of War 4, and voice actor Lester Speight (Augustus Cole) said last year that he had been approached to reprise his role in the new game. Don't be surprised if Microsoft has some huge Gears of War announcements this summer during E3.

What do you think? Would you be excited about a Gears of War HD remake collection, or would you rather the franchise focus on the future?

Source: Reddit

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