E3 2015: ‘Gears of War Ultimate Edition’ Revealed, Beta Starts Today

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As expected, Microsoft pulled out all the guns at this year’s E3 presentation. The Xbox presentation featured Halo, Tomb Raider, tons of indies, and lots of Gears of War. In addition to the first look at Gears 4, the team at The Coalition also confirmed rumors about Gears of War Ultimate Edition. Not only is the game confirmed, but some Xbox One owners will be playing it way sooner than expected.

The original Gears of War game is getting the full remastered treatment and will be available on the Xbox One at gorgeous 1080p resolution with 60 frame-per-second gameplay. The upgrades will not only make replaying the original campaign a much smoother experience, but will also clean up the multiplayer mode, as well.

Although we won’t be able to purchase the Ultimate Edition until August 25, some players will be able to start playing the game as early as this afternoon. A limited-time beta kicks off today for a select group of players who will be able to help stress test the game’s servers and offer feedback on the updates.

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Members of the Xbox Preview program will automatically be in the pool of players who could be chosen for the beta, but the rest of the community can put their names in the hat too. Gamers can visit the official Gears of War site and sign up for the beta with their Xbox Live account information.

At this point, very few details about the game are available, but we expect more updates to arrive soon. Considering that the game is only two months away, it seems like a safe bet that we will be seeing a lot of it between now and then. We don’t have confirmation yet, but after what we learned today, it seems likely that the details leaked yesterday were indeed accurate.

Although many gamers are starting to feel remastered edition fatigue, it has been a full decade since the original Gears of War was released, so there may actually be a market for this one. It also doesn’t hurt that the remastered edition will be able to ride the hype of Gears 4’s impending release, as well.

Are you interested in replaying the original Gears of War? Will you be signing up for the beta? Let us know in the comments.

Gears of War Ultimate Edition releases on August 25 for the Xbox One.

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