‘Gears of War: Ultimate Edition’ Multiplayer Footage Leaks Online

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Gears of War Ultimate Multiplayer

E3 2015 is right around the corner and fans are eager to see what Microsoft’s Black Tusk Studios has been doing since acquiring the Gears of War IP and assets from Epic Games back in 2014. Since that time, Microsoft has openly spoken about work on the new Gears of War title as it’s progressed over the months but there’s been little in terms of actual information or any sort of gameplay teases.

While there’s been no official word over the new Gears of War title making it to E3, various leaks and rumors have begun swirling about a new Ultimate Edition of the first game that’s rumored to be in development at Splash Damage and potentially hitting Xbox One later this year. With new footage leaking on the internet, fans may finally have their answer.

Initially reported by “Wario64” on Twitter, multiplayer gameplay of the long rumored Gears of War: Ultimate Edition has surfaced online. According to reports, this “Ultimate Edition” contains the first Gears of War game packed with a few extras, improvements, 60 frames per second, and updated visuals. Screenshots have also appeared online which do confirm improved lighting and visual quality. Interestingly enough, the footage was captured using the Xbox One DVR feature by a user taken from an online multiplayer match. As leaked footage typically is handled, the gameplay was swiftly taken down but a new link as surfaced here.

Speculation online centers around this being a test build which certain hand picked players are currently putting through it’s paces. If rumors are to be believed, this remastered version of the original game will be shipping with a host of online modes including King of the Hill, Team Deathmatch, Gnashers Only 1v1, One Life Shotgun TDM, and a couple of single round modes as well.

Gears of War Ultimate 2

Since appearing online, the video in question has been removed from Xbox Live, leading many to believe the news is accurate and has forced Microsoft to take the video down. With the rating leak happening in Brazil earlier this week and now this multiplayer footage having been captured, it’s looking more and more certain that at least one Gears of War game will be making an appearance at E3 this year.

With the majority of remasters and collections releasing with multiple titles included in the package these days, it’s interesting to note that rumors suggest Microsoft has opted to only include the very first game in this ‘Ultimate Edition’. Perhaps Microsoft is trying to avoid another let down as they’ve seen with the Halo: Master Chief Collection when it launched last year. Unfortunately for fans, that was a game released with a massive amount of issues, sullying the online experience for players which has still been receiving patches to fix various issues last month alone. By focusing on a single title in the Gears of War series rather than trying to handle four at one time, Microsoft is sure to be hoping for a better and more stable experience for players.

What do you guys think of the footage? Are you ready to jump back into the Gears of War franchise?

Source: mp1st.com (via Wario64 Twitter)