Thanks to a recent online listing, gaming fans can get a digital version of The Coalition’s Gears of War: Ultimate Edition at a discounted price of $10.

For those fans who have yet to experience Gears of War: Ultimate Edition, The Coalition’s remastered version of Epic Games’ original 2006 Xbox 360 title, which is generally considered to be one of the top games of the last generation, now is probably the best time to purchase a copy, as Amazon has a listing for the remastered release’s standard digital iteration on Xbox One for $10. Of course, folks also have the opportunity to upgrade to the deluxe version — a package that includes Civilian Anya and Imulsion Lancer skins for multiplayer, an Aaron Griffin character playable in multiplayer, as well as a Deluxe Weapon Skin Pack — for a reduced price of $30, down from $60.

Should Gears of War: Ultimate Edition fans wish to snag a physical copy for the Xbox One, the discs are also being sold at a discounted rate of $25, with only 12 left in stock as of writing. However, it seems as if the retailer isn’t giving the title’s PC release for Windows 10 as much of a markdown, as it’s being sold for $30.

It’s entirely possible that Amazon’s reduced price point for the grisly shooter is due in part to Best Buy, GameStop, and the Microsoft Store all dramatically lowering the cost of the title just recently. Perhaps most intriguing, though, is the fact that those fans who play Gears of War: Ultimate Edition by April 11, whether on Xbox One or PC, will eventually go on to receive early access to the multiplayer beta for Gears of War 4, which will be hosted on Microsoft’s current generation console.


Although the nearly rock bottom price for Gears of War: Ultimate Edition should be enough of an incentive to buy a digital copy, some Xbox One fans might not be so trigger happy. Taking that into consideration, those on the fence about purchasing the title would do well to take note that the majority of its reviews were extremely positive, as it not only includes everything that made the original great, but also provides a more polished experience in terms of sound and visuals.

Bearing all of this in mind, Gear of War: Ultimate Edition is basically a steal at $10. Those who have yet to delve into the series would be doing themselves a disservice to not use this sale as a starting point to the fantastic Gears franchise, especially with the official fourth installment’s release being on the horizon. Plus, since there’s no telling when the deal will end, it’s best to act on it as soon as possible.

Are you planning on nabbing Gears of War: Ulitmate Edition for $10? If so, is it because you’ve never played any of the games before, or are you going to buy it to take part in the multiplayer beta for Gears of War 4? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Gears of War: Ultimate Edition is out now and is available for PC and Xbox One.

Source: Amazon