'Gears of War Triple Pack' Releases in Canada Next Month

Gears of War Triple Pack Release Date in Canada

What's so great about the Great White North? Well, other than the fact that it's large, there's a lot of snow, and it's located in the Northern hemisphere of the globe, it will finally be getting the Gears of War Triple Pack next month. That's right, all of my fellow Canucks will finally be able to pickup both of the original Gears of War games, as well as the Gears of War 2: All Fronts Collection that offers all of the DLC for the second game.

This package has been available in the United States since February 15th, but somehow there were apparently enough people who managed to keep themselves from crossing the border and picking up this set of epic games (pun intended) to warrant selling the package in Canada. The Gears of War Triple Pack includes "a total of 38 explosive maps and 61 campaign chapters, and every Achievement to date worth a total of 3,000 Gamerscore."

One small note to take from all of this info is that the All Fronts Collection does NOT include the Flashback Map Pack, which adds classic maps from the first game to Gears 2. Don't discard the Triple Pack quite so fast however, as the Flash Back Map Pack is available for download on the Xbox Live Market Place for FREE. So nobody should panic if they go to play with friends online, after purchasing the GoWTP, and they see a notification that informs them that they don't have the required maps.

Anyone who has yet to experience the Gears of War series on Xbox 360 really has no excuse for never playing the games now, and the price is almost too good to be true. Ringing in at roughly half the price of a newly released 360 game, the Gears of War Triple Pack has been given a suggested retail price of $29.99. This release comes just in time to prepare everyone in Canada for the release of the much anticipated Gears of War 3, which will hit both Canada and the United States on September 20th.

Are you a Canadian resident who was wondering why you couldn't find this game at your local retailer? Will you be picking this up or waiting for Gears 3?

The Gears of War Triple Pack will be available in Canada in April, and is currently available in the U.S., exclusively on Microsoft's Xbox 360.

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