Rumor Patrol: 'Gears of War' Prequel Coming From 'Bulletstorm' Devs

Gears of War Prequel Being Developed by Bulletstorm Developers

One of the biggest games released this year was Gears of War 3, and while the gaming community awaited its arrival with the utmost anticipation, just as many fans felt a little upset that the trilogy was coming to an end. While the initial Gears of War trilogy is all wrapped up, that doesn't necessarily mean we'll be bidding Marcus Fenix and Dom Santiago farewell quite yet, as rumor has it that a prequel to the original Gears of War game is being created by Bulletstorm developer, People Can Fly.

In the latest issue of popular gaming magazine OXM, an entry in the rumor section suggests not just a potential Gears of War prequel, but an entirely new trilogy that takes place prior to the events of the first game. The magazine simply lists "a prequel trilogy developed by Epic-owned People Can Fly (Bulletstorm) as a likely scenario," and then swiftly proceeds to not go into any more detail than that.

Presumably, gamers will once again be thrown into the combat boots of (a younger) Marcus and Dom, but Epic Games and People Can Fly may decide to take the rumored trilogy in an entirely different direction. Epic seems keen on introducing gamers to the history behind its epic franchise, and will even be giving players a glimpse of the past with the upcoming release of the much anticipated RAAM's Shadow DLC, which is set to emerge later this December.

People Can Fly seems like a studio that is completely capable of taking over the reigns of the series, while trademark players in the franchise such as Cliff Bleszinski and Rod Fergusson would likely supervise development to ensure that the final product accurately reflects their original vision — so any concerns about quality should be quickly dismissed. Of course, this means that the main team at Epic Games would be working on something other than Gears, and that could really be anything.

The official confirmation of this alleged Gears of War prequel likely won't arrive until E3 2012 at the earliest, but given the fact that Epic Games made no money from Bulletstorm, it seems likely that they'll be passing on a sequel.

Would you like to see People Can Fly develop a Gears of War prequel trilogy?


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