In November of 2011, Bulletstorm developer People Can Fly was rumored to be endeavoring on a Gears of War prequel. Yesterday, Game Informer broke the news that a new Gears of War would be unveiled at E3. Now no one here at Game Rant fashions themselves as a mind reader or mathematical luminary, but our savvy intuitions honed by years of rigorous physical preparation in a Ural Mountains hideaway tell us that there’s one more puzzle piece which could all but confirm the direction of Microsoft and Epic’s E3-bound shooter.

Today, Epic Games filled out the picture quite nicely. When broached on Twitter by Kotaku Editor-in-Chief Stephen Totilo on whether or not People Can Fly (an Epic subsidiary) was in the mix for the next Gears, Mike Capps, president of Epic Games, responded succinctly with three words that tend to leave no doubt:


Yes. We might have to wait until Microsoft’s Monday E3 press conference until the curtain is pulled back on the next Gears of War, until the shadows are brushed out of GI’s teaser cover, but for many, People Can Fly’s involvement will likely point to an upcoming exposé of Marcus Fenix’s past.

As we noted in our glowing review of Gears of War 3 back in September, the series capped of its Locust invasion stroyline with definite sense of finality; any new game or expansion that wanted to touch on future events in the world of Sera would likely have to head in vastly different direction, at least from a narrative standpoint. That future may indeed still be a part of Epic’s plans – perhaps on a next-gen console when some time from the trilogy’s conclusion has elapsed – but a prequel even seemed likely after we glimpsed first Gears teaser image yesterday. The obscured, handcuffed figure being escorted through a hallway could justifiably be Marcus after his well-known court martial, and he appears to be positioned with his back turned to the viewer – like we should already know him.

Gears of War E3 People Can Fly

But having said that, how well do we know People Can Fly? You might remember Bulletstorm as the brash, over-the-top first-person shooter released by the developer in 2011; the game where enemies were strewn about like a child’s playthings thanks to a host of exotic and futuristic weaponry — their demises enhanced by combo runs, creative “Skill Shot” methods, and a level of blood and gore Marcus Fenix and friends would feel right at home swimming in. It’s not exactly conducive to the Band of Brothers motif Epic design director Cliff Bleszinski intimated a month ago, but our Bulletstorm review even noted the benefits of its innovative style.

Ranters, what do you make out of People Can Fly’s involvement on the soon-to-be-revealed next Gears of War? Is a prequel all but certain? How will an FPS developer get along with the series patented third-person gameplay? – could it mean a radical new perspective for said gameplay?

The new Gears of War has been confirmed for a release on the Xbox 360. Be sure to check back with us when we get a first look at it on June 4th.

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Source: Kotaku

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