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Gears of War Retrospective

Fans of Gears of War can take a look back at the origin of the series, and explore how events within Cliff Bleszinski's life actually shapes the franchise.

With Gears of War 4 slated to release tomorrow, gamers around the globe who haven't gotten early access are eagerly awaiting what is supposed to be the Xbox One's best selling exclusive for the holiday window. We enjoyed our time with Gears of War 4, which was The Coalition's first foray into extending the Gears of War franchise beyond what Epic Games had created. The series has a history stretching back a little over 10 years, and we would like to take a moment to reflect on some of the pieces that helped shape the franchise as we know it.

A new episode of Did You Know Gaming explores each of the three main Gears of War titles, delving into the games' origins as Unreal Warfare and explaining how several changes to the game were implemented after happenstance occasions. The series is chock full of great moments, and we think fans of the series will be interested to find out some interesting trivia tidbits from the Gears of War franchise.

Within the Gears of War video below, gamers can find out just how close the franchise came to allowing users to pick Dominic Santiago's gender. Plus, they can even learn how Cliff Bleszinski seeing the movie 2012 changed the entire plot of Gears of War 3:


As it turns out, fans troubled by emotional moments like Maria's sendoff in Gears of War 2 or Dom's sacrifice in the third title also have Joss Whedon to blame, as he told Cliff Bleszinski that he found Buffy The Vampire Slayer scripts were at their best when Buffy was suffering. After some introspection, Cliff realized that he had similar feelings about Marcus Fenix and the Gears franchise, and so he wrote in more horrible things to happen to Marcus.

As if this wasn't dramatic enough, it turns out that the origin of the Maria storyline has plenty of ties to the real world, for Cliff based the entire plotline off of Terri Schiavo — that is, a prominent end-of-life case in the United States which pitted her husband against her parents. Terri was in a vegetative state and was being kept alive by machines, which was a prospect her husband said she wouldn't have wanted. After a lengthy legal struggle, her feeding tubes were eventually removed and she passed on — an act Bleszinski evidently agreed with, seeing how Dominic and Maria's tale came to a similar heartbreaking conclusion.

Gears of War 4 is sure to be packed with more of these heart-tugging moments, and fans old and new should be prepared for some unexpected emotions in the brawny gore-filled shooter. This should especially be taken to heart since some old faces will be making a return.

Gears of War 4 will release for Xbox One and PC on October 11, 2016 as a Play Anywhere title.

Source: Did You Know Gaming?

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