Rumor Patrol: 'Gears of War' Unites With Kinect for New Title [Update]

Gears of War Kincet Rumor

Motion controls and hardcore games, since the discovery of motion as a viable gaming technology, have existed for in stark opposition to each other. Where one exists the other cannot. Sure, there are exceptions to this rule but, for the most part, it has proven to be true. Until now.

IGN has a reliable tip that at the upcoming VGAs on Spike, Microsoft and Epic will be unveiling a Gears of War title that will use Kinect technology. Whether this Kinect functionality will be implemented in a standalone Gears title or Gears of War 3 is unclear, but with an announced delay, Gears 3 looks to be the more likely candidate.

At first glance, the Gears franchise doesn’t appear to be the type of game to accommodate motion controls, especially considering Epic’s pedigree as a hardcore-dedicated developer. In Microsoft's eyes, uniting Kinect and Gears is as close as they can get to bringing the hardcore to motion gaming. Players might not be so eager to adopt this title though, especially if a controller option is offered.

Yes, there is and will always be a market for a Gears game, but that market might not be the same market as is occupied by Kinect owners. Many of the violent actions in Gears — curb stomping and chain sawing — are actions that younger gamers should not be recreating on a motion control platform. For casual gamers, who are arguably the biggest demographic for motion control, a confusion might arise as to why a title that tasks players with recreating some intense acts has made its way into their living room. Taking a lesson from the Wii's struggle with mature titles, perhaps Microsoft should think this decision through, taking careful consideration not to upset any fans of Kinect.

Over the past couple years, the Spike Awards has been the prime place, outside of the traditional conventions, for developers and publishers to unveil their top tier titles. After last year’s Arkham City reveal, Spike is going to need a huge title to top themselves, and Gears on Kinect would certainly be that title. Stick to Game Rant for more news about this rumor as it develops.

Does the thought of a Gears of War title that uses Kinect seem intriguing? If given the option to use a controller or Kinect to play a Gears game, would any gamers out there opt for Kinect?

[Update: Cliff Bleszinski responded to tweet earlier on Gears of War and Kinect, and then posted the second tweet later:

"@edisonjuarez: @therealcliffyb Was GOW3 delayed 'cause it is going to work with kinect?" No.

No Kinect in Gears of War 3.

Source: Twitter]

Source: IGN

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