Gears of War Announcement Coming This Week, Says Ice-T

A cryptic tweet posted to the account of rapper Ice-T has many excited about the possibility of a new Gears of War title in the immediate future. Although the tweet itself, which can be seen below, does seem to directly reference the impending announcement of Gears of War 5, fans of the series should postpone their excitement until the statement has some clarity.

The announcement certainly comes with a caveat, as it is unlikely that Microsoft would allow any kind of information to get out if there is a Gears of War game on the way, especially with the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) on the horizon. Microsoft will certainly make some big announcements at E3, as it does every year, but it remains to be seen whether or not these will be Gears of War related.

Fans of the series will be keen to get more information if there is a new iteration in the pipeline. Gears of War 4 took place 25 years after its predecessor and followed the story of James Fenix, son of Marcus, the protagonist from the original main trilogy. Despite this latest tweet, it is unclear what direction future releases in the series will follow.

Possibilities other than the latest game in the series have been posited in recent days, including the idea that this could be related to the upcoming Universal Pictures movie tie-in. The film itself has been confirmed since last May but things have gone quiet since then and this tweet could preclude further information.


Ice-T does have history with the franchise, playing the voice of one of the stranded leaders, Aaron Griffin, in Gears of War 3. Despite this, some are questioning why it would be left to Ice-T to make important announcements regarding the flagship game, although it could be to drum up publicity before more official channels make their statements in the future.

Followers of the series will have to wait for more concrete information on what’s next for Gears of War but teasers like this do indicate that announcements could be on the horizon.

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