No 'Gears of War: Marcus Fenix Collection' Currently in Development

Gears of War Marcus Fenix Collection

In the wake of the immense Halo: The Master Chief Collection, speculation immediately began to surface over the potential for a Gears of War: Marcus Fenix Collection. Given that a new installment in the newly acquired Microsoft property is currently being developed at Black Tusk Studios, a trilogy setting up the universe for Gears of War newcomers seemed to make a lot of sense. Despite this, it sounds as if fans anticipating a smorgasbord of Lancer-loving titles shouldn't hold their breath.

Following excitement expressed by Xbox head Phil Spencer over the prospect of a Gears of War trilogy appearing on Xbox One, fans understandably began to become excited over the possibility of jumping into the original trio of installments on current hardware. This then prompted Rod Fergusson, the newly appointed studio manager of Black Tusk Studios, to take to Twitter and debunk any notions of such a collection – although he did tease fans with more news on the series at this year's E3.


While a Gears of War collection featuring the past games in the series is undoubtedly something that would do well for Microsoft, the focus of Fergusson and his team to remain committed to a brand new entry in the franchise is certainly promising. Given the fact that the next Gears title will be the debut game for Black Tusk Studios, it makes sense to have the group spearhead their own creation rather than a straight port of past Epic Games-made entries.

That said, while there are currently no plans (at least at Black Tusk) to begin work on the fabled Marcus Fenix Collection, that doesn't mean it won't eventually happen. The demand is such that it has caused both of the aforementioned overseers, Spencer and Fergusson, to issue replies to fans. If anything, it's important that Microsoft is taking note, so fans may yet have the opportunity to play Gears of War 1 through 3 on Xbox One – provided they remain vocal.

Some may be disheartened at this revelation, but the potential for hearing more about the next Gears of War title at E3 2015 should perk up longstanding Locust annihilators.

Source: Rod Fergusson - Twitter

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