Gears of War Creator Cliffy B Says 'Cross-Play is Dumb'

lawbreakers ps4 pc cross play is dumb

Gears of War Creator Cliff Bleszinski is busy developing LawBreakers, his first game since leaving Epic Games and founding his own Boss Key Productions. LawBreakers just recently announced that it will also come to PS4 alongside the long-known-about PC version.

However, for anyone hoping for cross-play between PS4 and PC—the answer is a resounding never going to happen. That's because a fan on Twitter asked about the possibility of PC and PS4 players being able to go head-to-head in LawBreakers, to which Bleszinski responded, saying that cross-play is "dumb":

Although cross-play—that is, players on separate gaming platforms being able to matchmake together—is becoming a little more common of late with games like Rocket League, it's clearly not a feature that's on the table for Bleszinksi when it comes to LawBreakers.

On the same Twitter thread, Bleszinski agreed with someone who said that cross-play works for Rocket League because that is a game that is meant to be played with a controller, regardless of whether it is being played on a console or PC. But for a first-person shooter that uses mouse and keyboard on PC and controller on console, Bleszinski agrees with a commonly held opinion among the gaming community that the two aren't compatible.

Interestingly, what Bleszinski does not think is dumb is cross-play between consoles, specifically PS4 and Xbox One. No one has been able to bridge the gap between Sony and Microsoft, as although those companies have both been cordial with the idea of late, neither has moved forward on connecting their online services. Both Sony and Microsoft likely have more to gain by keeping their ecosystems closed off from one another, despite how much it would likely be a benefit to consumers.

While players of LawBreakers on PS4 can't expect to being going toe-to-toe with PC players, Boss Key says that a lot of work has gone into the PS4 version of the game to make it "very playable" on the console. The PS4 version is not a port outsourced to another developer, but was created and fine tuned in-house by the team at Boss Key, including hands-on input from Bleszinksi.

LawBreakers was just announced for PS4 and will also come to PC, with Boss Key hoping to launch both versions simultaneously.

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