Microsoft responds to Gears of War 4 server issues by extending Season Pass services and offering a double XP weekend to make up for the server downtime.

It can be frustrating for gamers when servers go down for their favorite games, especially when there are special events going on. Such was the case this weekend, when Gears of War 4’s servers experienced significant downtime, leading many players to miss out on opportunities to play and earn unique rewards.

In response to the Gears of War 4 server issues, Microsoft has issued a response via the Gears of War Facebook page, letting players know it is actively working on the issues, and is extending some services for the game through Tuesday so those who missed out over the weekend can still get a chance to participate. The Facebook post said:

“Due to server down times this weekend, we will be extending the Onyx/Gold Swarm pack availability through Thursday morning PT. We will also be extending the Developer Playlist for Season Pass owners including the credit/xp bonuses found in this playlist through the same time.

Credit and Progression rewards that were queued up from this weekend will be worked on and awarded out hopefully this week. We are actively working on this now.”

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In addition to extending the services, Microsoft is also providing a double XP weekend from Friday, January 20th, through Sunday, January 22nd. Based on the information provided in the post, it looks like the double XP weekend will be available to anyone who plays the highly-praised Gears of War 4 this coming weekend, not just those who experienced server issues this past weekend.

Naturally, many gamers are frustrated at the server situation, especially those who may not get a chance to play as much during the week. Still, it’s nice to see Microsoft taking steps to correct the issue and offer services in an effort to make up for it, especially for one of 2016’s best games.

Season Pass owners will be relieved to see they still have access to the Developer Playlist in multiplayer for an extra couple days. Last week, Season Pass holders gained access to two new maps, Blood Drive and Clocktower, so there’s lots of excitement over the new opportunities within Gears of War 4.


As for Credit and Progressions rewards, players will need to check back in the game throughout the week for information regarding that fix. Microsoft didn’t provide a firm date for when that would be reconciled, only that it’s hoping to have it fixed and the rewards distributed sometime this week.

What do you think about Microsoft’s response to Gears of War 4’s server issues?

Gears of War 4 is available now for PC and Xbox One.