Gears of War 4 Halloween Multiplayer Event Detailed


The Coalition reveals a new Halloween themed multiplayer mode for Gears of War 4 called Pumpkin Ball which adds double XP and special rules to an existing fan favorite match type.

Since its well received launch earlier this month, fans have already spent countless hours online chainsawing and exploding each other in Gears of War 4, the newest installment of the popular franchise. After a number of important updates and fixes, The Coalition is mixing things up a bit and getting into the holiday spirit by offering a Halloween themed event that remixes a fan favorite mode and adds in pumpkin heads.

Known as Pumpkin Ball, this special multiplayer mode remixes the new Dodgeball mode by introducing one second respawn times and reduced respawn protection. All of this results in an even faster paced team deathmatch mode where "the dead don't stay dead for long." Just like the normal mode found in Gears of War 4, killing an enemy player in pumpkin ball brings back a downed ally after surviving for five seconds.

For this event, The Coalition has selected five specific maps to host these matches as they're the darkest of the bunch and lend a certain atmosphere to the match. The maps included are include Fallout, Forge, Harbor, Impact, and Lift. Participating players will also be wearing a Juvie inspsired Pumpkin Head as well.

gears of war 4 pumkin ball

In addition to this new multiplayer variant, players who participate in Pumpkin Ball will be awarded double XP and players will be able to spend real or in-game currency on a Halloween Elite Pack until November 1. This pack guarantees a epic or legendary quality card with all legendary cards being exclusive to the Day of the Dead collection of items.

Gears of War 4 joins the likes of many other games who are taking advantage of the spooky holiday as well such as Destiny and Overwatch. The annual Festival of the Lost event in Destiny returned earlier this week, dressing up a couple of its social spaces for the event and pushing players to earn themed loot including masks, shaders, and other items all for collecting candy.

Overwatch on the other hand introduced a special player versus enemy mode called Dr. Junkenstein's Revenge, taksing players with defending a castle gate before enemy forces break through. Of course, special Halloween themed items have been introduced including the popular Witch Mercy skin.

Do you like seeing timed events like these added to popular games? Will you be trying Pumpkin Ball before it goes away next week? Tell us what you're thinking in the comments below.

Gears of War 4 is available now on Xbox One and Windows 10.

Source: Official Gears of War Website

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