Gears of War 4 Guide: Where to Find All Collectible Locations

Gears of War 4 Collectibles Guide

This Gears of War 4 guide will show gamers where to find all 50 collectibles throughout the Gears of War 4 campaign, earning 3 achievements along the way.

Gears of War 4 takes players on a gruesome journey as JD Fenix and co struggle to overcome everything from robotic death squads to human-hunting locusts. Gamers familiar with the Gears of War franchise will see plenty of familiar sights along the way, up to and including the existence of 50 collectibles hidden throughout the game's campaign.

While we thoroughly enjoyed our time with Gears of War 4, the sheer amount of collectibles to be found likely means that most gamers won't be able to find them all on one playthrough if going at it alone. To help with this, we've compiled a guide so that gamers aiming at a full completion playthrough of Gears of War 4 can do so more easily. Without further ado, here's instructions on where to find each collectible in Gears of War 4.

It's worth noting that some collectible locations contain unavoidable spoilers, so gamers looking to avoid some late-game plot information should proceed with caution.

ACt  1: 17 Collectibles

The first act in Gears of War 4 features a prologue which introduces players new to the series to the history of Gears of War, and then throws gamers into the boots of JD Fenix.

Act 1: Prologue

  • UIR Security Report: Once players take out the machine gun nest from the grenade portion of the tutorial level, players can find the game's first collectible paper flashing on one of the bunker's desks.
  • COG Tag 1518451: Backtracking from the bunker to where Dominic Santiago came from will let players see some cement blocks on the left which feature the grisly remains of a dead gear. Players can grab some collectible COG tags from this cadaver.
  • UIR Anti-COG Pamphlet: After players have resupplied just after the machine gun nest, open the gate and turn right immediately. This will reveal a flashing red and white poster up for grabs.
  • Jacinto Herald: Shortly after the emergency day flashback begins, players will encounter a corpser (the giant spider looking enemy). On the left-hand side (away from the House of Commons) is a small security booth which features a collectible newspaper.
  • Cog Tag 49129751: Near the burning white van in front of the House of Commons lies another fallen COG comrade. Behind the white van itself lies the game's second COG tag collectible.
  • Cog Tag 43516211: In the 'last stand' portion of the prologue once gamers are prompted to go to the ladder, going behind the burning Armadillo (the vehicle) will reveal yet another COG tag, and a hidden Boltok pistol as well.
  • Bernie’s Last Will and Testament: Before climbing up those ladders with one hand, to the right of them is a desk with a milk carton and a flashing paper which happens to be Bernie's last will and testament, the prologue's final collectible.

Act 1, Chapter 1:

  • Rubble Reclamation Manifest: As JD and his group of Outsiders struggle past the windflares, gamers will shoot open a fence to get to the shelter of the crane. Walking along the right edge past the now-broken fence will lead players to two boxes held in a gate, with the collectible tucked away behind those boxes.
  • Shepherd Protection Pamphlet: Shortly after entering the construction zone of Settlement 5, but just before players drop down to the ground floor and see the yellow construction robot, players can head past one of the red robots and look to their left to see the second Act 2 collectible resting on a tarp-covered box.
  • Settlement 5 Resident Assignment List: When players progress through the courtyard area which prompts dialogue about Kait being trained by her Uncle, entering the building to the right of the gate will lead gamers to a collectible poster laying on a bookshelf.
  • COG Birthing Pamphlet: Once players go through the quick cutscene in the maternity ward prior to approaching the maintenance tunnel to the fabricator, walking through the room with the bassinets will lead players to a hallway with two green chairs and a coffee table. On this coffee table is the collectible pamphlet.

Act 1, Chapter 2:

  • DBI Schematics: Once players reach the room that the fabricator resides in, head to the control panels on the left side of the room. A glowing green computer monitor is Act 2's sole collectible.

Act 1, Chapter 3:

  • Shepherd Safety Pamphlet: The initial courtyard scene features yet another DeeBee fight. Head to the elevated streetside patio to the left of the courtyard entrance to find a bench with two crates on either side. The safety pamphlet on the bench is the chapter's only collectible.

Act 1, Chapter 4:

  • Village Windflare Lockdown Procedure: Just before the front doors of the outside town hall lies a sturdy wooden pillar, on which hangs a glowing poster to collect.
  • Book Inscribed to Kait: Back near where players first walked through is a barn, and near its entrance lies a barrel with apples on top and a chair. On the ground next to this chair is the collectible book.
  • Village Mare Breeding Record: On the left side of the camp (facing towards the town hall) lies the trickiest collectible yet! There's a little path with some tall grass in a fenced enclosure that leads to a workstation comprised of a desk and chair, of which the collectible is found on the ground beside them.


Act 2: 8 collectibles

Act 2, Chapter 1:

  • Anya's Favorite Flower: Prior to entering the true house of Marcus Fenix, players will see a lit gate on the right-hand side. Approaching it will trigger a hidden cutscene, after which a collectible flower appears beside the gate entrance.
  • JD's Sixth Birthday Present From His Uncle Cole: This mouthful of a collectible can be found after the first firefight of Act 2 in the stone shed that should be visible. In the darkest corner of this shed lies the collectible throwback from the past.
  • COG Military Academy Acceptance Letter: Once players enter the mansion, heading to the back left room near the basement staircase will allow gamers to see a letter resting on a desk in the dark and gloomy room.

Act 2, Chapter 2:

  • Photo of JD and Anya: To the left of Marcus' hidden armory is a dark room with a fireplace, and resting on the floor in front of it is a collectible photograph.
  • House Plan: In the basement, heading to the left side of the room will reveal a workbench with this collectible paper, letting players discover the secret escape path before Marcus reveals it.
  • Old Bottle of Wine: Once the plan full of DeeBees crashes, players can go through the stone gate on the left and circle around the wooden pallet of crates. Between this pallet and an oversized wine cask lies a wine bottle which can be picked up.

Act 2, Chapter 3:

  • JD's Old Toy Figure: Should players choose the right path, this collectible can be found by approaching the wooden shed across the bridge. The shed is behind the stone wall, on the ground next to a tractor. If players picked the left path, they can backtrack to this location after meeting up with the other half of the team.
  • The New Ephyran: Should players choose the left path, players can make their up way up the hill and beyond the last gate, where a broken down truck lays. In the back of this truck lies the collectible book. If players picked the right path, they can backtrack to this location after meeting up with the other half of the team.

Act 3: 14 collectibles

Act 3, Chapter 1:

  • COG ID Bracelet: Walking down the long path with broken vehicles and a scenic view of the upcoming fort will lead players to an archway to proceed down the alley. Instead of proceeding through the arch, going to the left of it lets players trod through some bushes to find Act 3's first collectible on the ground.
  • Ancient Book: Just after JD steps in the pod, walking down the hallway will allow gamers to see a collectible book shining on a desk right beside a window.

Act 3, Chapter 2:

  • Medical Supplies Status Form: Prior to lifting some debris out of the way after one of the Juvee waves, head left to towards the tent. On a crate next to a pile of wood lies a collectible paper.
  • COG Tag 89202512: After exiting the building which houses the game's first mulcher, gamers will see a dead body hanging over a wall. Taking a right at this body will lead players to another fallen COG soldier with collectible tags.
  • Tourist Map of Fort Reval: Upon entering the courtyard with a huge statue of the king, head left towards the arches. Underneath the first one lies a bench with the collectible map on top of it.

Act 3, Chapter 3:

  • King Figurine Souvenir: Before going through the first door of chapter 3, jumping over the pillar beside the door will players up to a platform where the collectible figurine can be found near a trashcan.
  • Evacuation  Procedure: When players enter the massive courtyard outside of the building, they can run down the left side of the yard and into a building across from the flagpoles. A collectible sign can be found the building's interior wall.
  • Fort Reval Military Museum Pamphlet: Before players can entire the museum, a drone on a turret will open fire upon the squad. Rolling left from the first log players see will lead them to a staircase, where the collectible pamphlet can be found in a hallway filled with rubble.
  • COG Tag 12151881: Before player entire the pit to chase after that snatcher, they'll go through a cluttered room. At the back of this door is a vaultable pillar blocking the last archway. This archway hosts yet another collectible COG tag.

Act 3, Chapter 4:

  • COG Tag 51415181: Once players have dropped through the hole into the catacombs, take a right and proceed up the stairs. The stairs lead to another fallen COG soldier who has left behind some tags to collect.
  • Silver Age Dagger: Before moving on to the next floor, players will encounter a fancy room featuring plenty of pots and swarm pods. Taking a right before the next door will lead players to some oversized pots, and between them lies a collectible dagger.

Act 3, Chapter 5:

  • Ephyran Tribune: Players can head up the main walkway of the control booth and hang two lefts to find a bathroom which features the collectible paper resting on the toilet, for some reason.

Act 3, Chapter 6:

  • Locust Shell Crystal: As players head down the stairs into the mine, there's a large crystal shell on the left-hand side which is itself a collectible. This also triggers a cutscene.
  • Mine Scavenger List: In a red-tinted room filled with locust collectibles lies a few crates in a corner. Squeezing between these crates will allow JD to pick up a collectible list.


Act 4: 7 Collectibles

Act 4, Chapter 1:

  • Locust Shell Disposal Form: After players climb out of the hole and back into the construction area, they can take an immediate left and proceed toward the edge of the platform. The collectible paper is on a rusted yellow cart.

Act 4, Chapter 2:

  • COG Tag 21525112: On the path with the large literal gears, another fallen COG soldier lies on the left-hand side just after a gear. He's got a tag to collect.

Act 4, Chapter 3:

  • COG Orders: When players are outside the dam and looking for a switch to flip, players can enter a building. Before running up to the second floor, they can run to the back left corner where some collectible papers lie on the ground beside blue barrels.

Act 4, Chapter 4:

  • COG Tag 20256192: Players will see a dark control room on the left while walking through the mine. The back wall of the control room is broken, and past here players will see a dead body with another COG tag to collect.
  • Rations Schedule for Abandoned Gears: After making it past the room with the moving chains, players can walk until the see E13 written on the wall, and then take a left. There will be a bunch of crates in this hallway, and on one of them lies a collectible (and depressing) paper.

Act 4, Chapter 5:

  • COG Tag 0882113: After escaping the lightning by rushing indoors, head to the room on the right. A collectible tag awaits on the desk inside.
  • Letter: Further into the building lies a hidden room that is partially blocked by a pile of sandbags. Hopping over the sandbags will lead to a room with a dead gear, and beside him lies the collectible paper.

Act 5: 4 collectibles

Act 5, Chapter 1:

  • COG Tag 1292025: After seeing the first fight, walking on the right-hand side will lead players to an alley. Heading to the back of this alley will lead to a fallen COG soldier near a green door who has a tag that needs collecting.
  • Work Stoppage Order: Within the centaur factory, the back right corner of the first floor leads to the electrical room, where players can find a collectible on the control panel.

Act 5, Chapter 2:

  • Speyer Scavenger List: Prior to chainsawing through the first gate as prompted to do, taking a left and entering the tool room across from the gate leads to a collectible paper on a table near a blue barrel.

Act 5, Chapter 4:

  • The last Gears of War 4 collectible is automatically given to players during the events of the final chapter.

We can only hope the above guide helps relieve any undue frustration and lets both PC and Xbox One players fill up their respective collections with ease. Once players have mastered the campaign (including the confusing Sound of Silence achievement), there's always plenty of multiplayer to be had - especially now that The Coalition has made it easier to earn credits.

Gears of War 4 is available now for PC and Xbox One.

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