Gears of War Purchased by Microsoft Black Tusk Studios Developing

The announcement that Microsoft had now appointed Black Tusk Studios with the development role on all future Gears of War franchise entries brought with it a lot of questions. Unfortunately, neither Microsoft nor Black Tusk was willing to provide answers at that time. All we knew was that Epic Games had relinquished (read: sold for likely a very high sum) ownership, and Microsoft was moving forward with the brand.

Now that some time has passed since that announcement, however, Black Tusk has provided a few additional details about Gears of War development. More specifically, Black Tusk Studios’ Rod Fergusson, also a former employee at Epic Games, clued gamers in as to how the studio is approaching their new effort and when gamers might be able to expect it.

First and foremost, Fergusson wanted to clear the air and say Black Tusk is only about 100 days into development on this next Gears of War game. What’s more, he reveals the game is very much in a “prototype” state, meaning that some or all of the game’s mechanics are still subject to change.

Fergusson further reinforced that fluidity by saying that the new Gears of War story is still a work in progress. Again, he couldn’t share specifics, but Fergusson did suggest that this new entry might deviate from current franchise canon, albeit if that leads to a more engaging game.

While the mythology of the Gears of War universe still has plenty of room to explore, Fergusson reveals that if it means a more “fun” game then he isn’t adverse to retconning or even altogether changing previously established canon. That isn’t to say the Black Tusk team will go out of their way to destroy the history created by the exploits Marcus Fenix, Dom, and the remaining Gears team, as well as the handful of Gears novels out there, but simply that a new team shouldn’t be bound by the rules established by the old one.

Obviously, Fergusson’s comments might rub Gears of War fans the wrong way, but until we see more of Black Tusk’s new direction for Gears, which will apparently innovate on and grow the franchise, it may be best to hold off on the petitions and picketing just yet. As they mention, development is still in a very early state and anything could change.

Do you care if Black Tusk alters Gears of War canon if it means a more engaging game? What elements from prior Gears of War games to consider sacred canon?

Source: Black Tusk Rodcast (Via IGN)

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