Here at Game Rant, we understand how important it is to have a dependable multiplayer experience: we play games too after all. And just like many of our readers, Gears of War 3 has not only been ripping apart charts, but also the multiplayer scene too. With Epic outlining the first run of DLC and Achievement weekends, it’s almost like nothing will be able to stop the Bro-train.

That is… until something like a glitch or a bug stops gamers from enjoying their game. It turns out that a mob of Gears of War players have attacked the forums, complaining about freezing when loading into certain games of Horde. However, not everyone is affected: in fact it seems that it’s so far only players that are trying Horde 2.0 via splitscreen co-op.

While this wouldn’t be so terrible by itself, it turns out that when the glitch strikes it renders one account permanently void: making it impossible to play or log on to any match thereafter (that’s where the terrible part comes in). Epic is fully aware of the situation, and Epic representative Rykard has posted this questionnaire to help nail down the underlying issue. Epic also had this response:

“Getting this resolved is a priority for Epic. We are collecting information internally, sourcing as much as possible from the community and exploring potential fixes. We do not have any recommendations to share with players just yet.”

It may just be that Epic Games worked too hard to make Horde appealing to the rampant youth, but the game variant has been one of the bigger game modes since the release of the title. Thankfully, there hasn’t been anything yet with other players being affected, or those that were affect are still able to play through the Campaign (perfect time to get that Cluckshot), but until the situation is resolved, consider Horde splitscreen off limits.

If you have been affected, it’s strongly recommended that you fill out the questionnaire to help Epic get to the root of the issue. After all, it’s all fun and games until someone gets a blank screen.

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Source: Epic Games