Horde mode is back and it’s been upgraded into a bigger and better version which will likely leave Gears of War 3 fans salivating. We got a chance to check out the new and improved Horde 2.0 Gameplay at E3 2011, and it really impressed us with its gameplay additions. If you’re wondering how the new inclusions like barriers, weapons and even objectives  play into the co-operative mode, Epic Games has released the perfect video for you: The Gears of War 3 Horde 2.0 Briefing Video.

The video, narrated by the newly playable Anya Stroud, will teach players how to set up barricades, turrets and decoys, as well as running after bonus objectives which will appear during random waves. Of course, the new mech combat suit – the Silverback – will also feature in Horde Mode, allowing players access to a highly mobile and effective defense against the locust.

As the Horde 2.0 Briefing Video demonstrates, the mechanic behind utilizing the new features is certainly simple enough, allowing players to execute on the fly – which, considering time between waves is little, was a necessary gameplay decision. Players will be pushed to quickly ponder where to spend their hard-earned in-game cash, building up turret defenses and upgrading barricades where necessary – though we have a feeling most barricades won’t last too long when the boss battles begin and a brumak enters the field. The aspect of upgrading and repairing blockades was an exciting and tense element in the Call of Duty zombie mode, and should transition perfectly in an atmosphere where  Locust soldiers, tickers and a variety of beasts are invading the battlefield.

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Even if the player or teammates end up biting the bullet during a wave of enemies, if said player has enough cash saved up from taking on Locust units, they can buy their way back into the match. It’ll go a long way in helping when your team is reduced to one player trying to fight off a boss-level mutated lambent. While proceeding up through the waves, objectives will be given – such as meeting a certain quota of executions – which will give players an opportunity to earn much-needed ammunition and additional weapon options to for an edge over the increasingly-strong members of the horde.

Will you be willing to gamble and go out of your way to achieve a bonus objective? This added dynamic forces players to play as a team and be tactical about their approach to earning and saving up in-game currency. If a player has a good weapon, they can quickly trade with teammates on the fly if needed. This goes for cash as well – lending money to send a friend across the map to repair a turret can go a long way.

The addition of these strategic additions in Horde Mode look and work great, adding a welcomed layer of strategy to a game which is often described as ‘gore-fest,’, despite producer Cliff Bleszinski insisting it has a compelling narrative. Horde Mode was a fan-favorite game mode in Gears of War 2, and it’s looking to shine even brighter in the end of the Marcus Fenix trilogy.

Are you excited for the new and improved Horde 2.0?

Gears of War 3 will be revved up to go to store shelves by September 20th, 2011. As decisively worded by Cliff himself, it will be an Xbox 360 exclusive.