There seem to be quite a few easter eggs that are slowly starting to be discovered in the recently released Gears of War 3, and this latest secret is easily one of the most elaborate easter eggs we’ve seen in any game. The easter egg in question is a secret weapon called the Cluckshot, which is only available in the campaign after completing some very specific tasks. The process required to obtain the allusive armament may be a rigorous one, but rest assured that it is well worth the effort that gamers will put into obtaining it.

In order to get your hands on the Cluckshot in Gears of War 3, players must first begin playing through Act 4, Chapter 1 on Insane difficulty. This particular difficulty can only be unlocked once the campaign has been completed, so if you haven’t done that yet then get busy. Once the chapter has begun, take great caution to avoid hitting the ash bodies — not only will this earn you an achievement (if you haven’t done it already), but it’ll also give you access to a secret room later on in the level.

After you’ve gained access to the room then the real fun begins, but rather then reading the entire explanation for the Cluckshot easter egg we recommend checking out the video version. It’s conveniently located right here.


Cliff Bleszinski wasn’t lying when he said he wanted to pack Gears of War 3 with easter eggs, and the onslaught of emerging hidden content within Epic Games‘ latest title is great evidence of that.

The funny thing about a majority of the secrets is the reoccurring chicken theme, which seems to literally make these hidden treasures Easter EGGS. There are still more to be found, so get to work Gears heads, and be sure to send us a link if you decide to make a video detailing your epic quest full of decapitated Locusts and discovery. Even if you can’t find anything, it’s not much of a hassle to play through Gears of War 3 — it did score a perfect 5 out of 5 from us after all.

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