The third and final installment in the popular Gears of War trilogy released a little over a week ago, much to the delight of Gears enthusiasts all around the world. Now that Gears of War 3 has finally landed into the hands of its receptive audience, a majority of those interested in the game’s story have likely discovered which fate each member of Delta Squad has met.

With Epic Games’ Gears trilogy having reached its epic end, the attention of fans everywhere now turns to what story arcs the game’s future downloadable add-ons will contain. It’s been confirmed that the DLC won’t focus on any of the main characters in Gears of War 3 (i.e. Marcus, Dom, Baird, and Cole), but instead will throw some lesser-known faces into the spotlight.

Epic Games hasn’t gone into detail about what the additional story content will consist of, but Cliff Blezskinski happened to casually mention on NeoGAF that some DLC will feature Michael Barrick from the Gears of War graphic novels. Fortunately, the added campaign material starring Barrick will be an entirely new story, so those who have read the graphic novel needn’t worry about playing through the novel’s events.

“No, it won’t be the graphic novel, but it will have all new campaign content that doesn’t have Marcus, Dom, Cole and Baird in it. Expect Barrick and more…”

Rod Fergusson has also confirmed via Twitter that self-proclaimed comedian/actress/author/zombie assassin Aisha Tyler, will be doing the voice for a character in one of the upcoming Gears of War 3 add-ons. The identity of Tyler’s character has yet to be revealed, but odds are she’ll be playing a bad-ass female soldier of some sort.

Those who opted to pre-purchase the add-ons with the Gears of War 3 Season Pass can expect the first batch of content to hit this November, although that will likely be the multiplayer maps that were leaked by the game’s own learderboards. The same content that is actually already on the Gears 3 disc, and that you have to likely pay for to unlock. Don’t worry Gears 3, we still love you even though you just want our hard-earned Microsoft Points.

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Sources: NeoGAF & Rod Fergusson