Gears of War 3 Campaign Scene

It feels like just yesterday that everyone was enjoying the Gears of War 3 beta, and while that certainly quenched the thirst for online play, people have been wondering for quite some time how the game’s campaign will play out. We know there is a Gears of War 3 campaign trailer scheduled to air this Saturday during the NBA Finals, thanks to a sneak peak offered by Epic Games. Fortunately, it seems that you won’t have to wait five whole days to get your fix, because a short 15 second snippet of a Gears of War 3 cutscene has leaked onto the web.

The cutscene features none other than the four iconic characters that fans have come to know and love throughout the series. I’m obviously speaking of none other than Delta Squad members Marcus, Dom, Cole, and Baird. The guys are seen walking around on Trenches, which many will remember as one of the multiplayer maps from the beta. Delta seems quite humbled by an experience the Squad has just had with some enemy Locusts, but Baird is still the smartass comedic relief that fans have come to love.

You can take a peek at the allegedly leaked Gears of War 3 cutscene below.


The footage certainly seems legitimate, and there is no obvious reason to doubt that it is a cutscene from the final game. If the clip is indeed leaked, fans may want to check out the video while they can  — Epic Games and Microsoft could take the initiative to have the video taken down in the very near future.

The campaign footage looks a lot more bright and clean than similar scenes from both Gears of War and Gears of War 2, and that is by no means a bad thing at all. The clip may only be 15 seconds long, but it’s enough to get myself, and likely others, a little more excited for the longer campaign trailer that is coming this Saturday.

What did you think of the short Gears 3 scene? Will you be tuning in to the NBA Finals for the Gears 3 gameplay ad?

Gears of War 3 releases September 20, 2011, exclusively for Xbox 360.

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