Gears of War 3: Clayton Carmine's Alternate Ending Revealed!

Clayton Carmine - Gears of War 3

Last month saw one of the busiest release schedules in video gaming to date and despite the amount of high profile releases this fall, Gears of War 3, a game that came out with a head start in September, is still making headlines. Much of that is thanks to monthly releases of pre-planned DLC, the ongoing Twelve Days of Gearsmas holiday promotion, and it being a game of the year contender. But today, something totally different, and something very special has us talking about one of this year's favorites.

Gears of War 3 is one of the few games this year to receive a five out of five review score from Game Rant and part of that is due to its story and characters we love, a group of soldiers that includes fan-favorites like the ill-fated Carmine family. In San Diego last summer for Comic-Con International 2010, Epic Games announced a rather inventive way to get players involved with with one of the most important questions Gears 3 would address: Would Clayton Carmine live or die?



If you're reading this, you've played Gears of War 3 and you know what happens. Carmine lives. But if he didn't... well, see for yourself below. GameSpot has the exclusive video, sent from Epic Games, which finally reveals the untimely fate of the third Carmine brother. While at Game Rant, we argued for both sides of the Save Carmine/Carmine Must Die debate, our readers overwhelmingly voted in favor of a happier ending for the Carmine family with this game and the masses agreed.

If that wasn't the case, and people wished the worst for poor Carmine #3, then what happens in this video is the shocking ending Clayton would have met in Gears of War 3.


Not what you expected, right? We wonder if the plan all along was to have the character die and if users voted the other way, would they have stuck this on the end as a joke? Or was this made afterwards just for fun?

Here are some screenshots of the most bad-ass member of the Carmine family (that we know of) as well as the Xbox Live Avatar items that players were able to purchase for charity in order to decide the characters fate.

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For those still playing Gears of War 3 or looking to jump in, here's our coverage of the two released DLC packs and the new content coming next month.


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Source: GameSpot


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