Games with an established fan base can be pretty hard to get into and play well, and with veterans of the series often decimating newbies online, a game like Gears of War 3 can seem pretty intimidating. Newcomers seem to be in luck this time around, because Epic Games have announced that they plan on offering a ‘Casual’ mode in the upcoming Gears of War 3.

The new mode will give those who have yet to play any of the previous Gears of War games a chance to essentially suck less while playing. This will be done by giving inexperienced players an aim-assist option, and on top of that they will also be offering exclusive playlists for gamers who aren’t quite ready to take their game online against some of the more experience players.

These playlists won’t be available to those who have obtained certain achievements from past Gears of War titles, so those who really want to torment the newcomers will have to create a new Gamertag to do so.

On top of the ‘Casual’ mode news, Epic Games announced that Isaiah Mustafa (best known for his role as the Old Spice Guy) will be lending his voice to an unnamed COG Soldier in Gears 3. Some sites are incorrectly reporting that the actor will be playing a Carmine, but if that is the case it hasn’t been announced yet. Besides, Clayton Carmine‘s voice has already been confirmed to be played by Michael Gough (the same man who did the voices of Anthony and Benjamin Carmine), so unless he’s playing D. Carmine the spot is already taken.

Including an option for newcomers to the series is actually a really good move by the fine folk at Epic. Not only does a ‘Casual’ mode help to encourage players to complete the game’s story, but it will also keep them playing the game a lot longer. If more people are playing Gears of War then that’s also more downloadable content that can be sold, so it makes great business sense.

Hopefully the plan turns out well for Epic, because I’m sure fans want to see another Gears of War title ASAP.

Gears of War 3 is scheduled to release exclusively on the Xbox 360 on September 20th.

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Source: Game Informer