Gears of War 3: BoomSnipes & More Planned for this Weekend

Gears of War 3 Halloween Event

Epic Games has been keeping the Gears of War 3 community busy and entertained in spite of major releases such as Battlefield 3 and Batman: Arkham City, and this weekend they plan on really cranking up the heat to celebrate Halloween and the end of "Epictober." You may be wondering just how Epic Games plans on making the coolest event they've ever held for Gears of War 3, and the answer to that is very simple — the playlist has been official titled 'BoomSnipes.'

The event is probably exactly what many of you originally believed it to be. BoomSnipes is a playlist option that replaces the weapon loadouts with nothing but Boomshots and Snipers, and all of the armaments scattered around the battlefield are also Booms and Snipes. This new timed-exclusive mode sounds perfect for Halloween, but we can't help and think that maybe they should have made a mode where everyone has giant cleavers... Regardless, this interesting new mode began today at 9AM Eastern and will continue to run until Tuesday morning at 9, so players have four full days to load and 'splode their opponents.

Epic also revealed that there will be a very special cosmetic surprise for everyone who plays the game on October 31st. They refuse to spill the beans on what this temporary Halloween-inspired change will be, but they have pre-warned players stating that they should "keep a level head" so it must be even better than the big head mode they had.

This Gears Weekend will end just in time for gamers to capitalize on the release of the new Gears of War 3 Horde Command Pack, which releases on November 1st. The new add-on will be available for 800 Microsoft Points, unless you've purchased the Gears of War 3 Season Pass, in which case you've already paid for the new content and can download it without any additional charges.

Epic Games has certainly been trying to provide their growing community with all of these recent events. Also, just as a heads up for those who care, if you participate in five different community events then you'll unlock a multiplayer character called the Golden COG. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go get involved in the community... the Gears community that is!


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Source: Epic Games

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