Gears 5 Gets Intense Story Trailer at Gamescom

kait in gears 5 trailer

The Coalition revealed a new Gears 5 story trailer at Gamescom. The trailer focuses on the game’s protagonist Kait Diaz, but also shows off some of the other characters in the game’s story.

The trailer opens on Kait’s vision of an upcoming attack. Kait then gets pulled into a helicopter and meets up with the original series protagonist Marcus Fenix, who helps her decode what she saw as they head into battle. In Gears 5, Fenix looks much older and much more war torn than in previous games.

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The trailer also shows the rest of the squad in action. In the game, Kait will team up with Delmont Walker and Marcus Fenix’s son JD Fenix. Players will be able to take on Gears 5 in 3-player co-op with one player controlling the robot companion JACK.

It looks like fans can expect some new gameplay in the campaign, including piloting mechs. The trailer shows a cutscene that features a piloted mech tackling one of the game’s enemies. The trailer also showed off an extended and intense vehicle sequence that featured the team sliding across a vast icy wilderness on a large jet ski-like vehicle with a sail.

Players can also expect to fight some of the screen-filling boss enemies that have become a series staple. The trailer shows off a sequence in which the group rides in the back of a large vehicle while battling an enormous tentacle monster. It looks like the game will feature a swarming enemy type that can rip the player into pieces.

Otherwise, the Gears 5 campaign looks to feature the same kind of cover and shoot action fans expect. The variety of gameplay shown off in the trailer will give players plenty of ways to take down locusts in the upcoming game while they hunt down those Gears 5 achievements.

As far as the story goes, the game hints at a mental connection between Kait and the Locusts. Kait has visions which portend the events of the trailer. The rest of the teams trusts those visions, and attempts to leverage them to get the upper hand. The trailer has a lot of teases for series fans to pick apart while they wait for the game to launch next month.

The Coalition has said that Gears 5 will feature the biggest campaign yet. They also showed off a trailer earlier for Gears 5's horde mode which will feature a ton of additions to the popular gameplay style. The upcoming game will feature 5 different modes, all which feature either competitive or co-op multiplayer.

Gears 5 launches on September 10 for PC and Xbox One.

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