10 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do In Gears 5

Microsoft has green-lit Gears 5, and we can see why they decided to make another sequel. The game's horror elements are unlike anything we've seen in a Gears of War game. It is dark and vivid, producing compelling visuals that blow us away.

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Gears 5 is a masterpiece and is a game that we'll be talking about for a while. To give a sense of why you should play Gears 5, and why we like the game in the first place, we've compiled this listicle. These are 10 things you didn't know you could do in Gears 5.

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10 Quit The Boot Camp Early

For some, the Boot Camp of Gears 5 can be a painstaking introduction if they've already played the other Gears of War games. In Boot Camp, players will learn about new gameplay elements that make the difference in Gears 5. These gameplay elements are not only useful in the campaign, but also in multiplayer modes like Team Deathmatch and Horde.

If none of the previously mentioned things tickle your fancy, you have the option to exit Boot Camp. Simply pause the game and quit to the main menu, and you won't have to complete Boot Camp. Plus, if you ever change your mind, you can play Boot Camp from the main menu.

9 Play As Sarah Connor And The T-800 Terminator

There is a wait for Dave Bautista, but for now, players can enjoy Gears 5's multiplayer as Sarah Connor and the T-800 Terminator from the Terminator film series. They don't have special abilities, but they are skins that people are going to go wild for.

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The T-800 Terminator is intimidating, making multiplayer matches more intense. Sarah Connor is a master of war, which makes her the perfect fit for Gears 5.

8 Influence The Events Of The Game

In Gears 5, people can make meaningful choices to influence the events of the game. Without giving away too much, one can pursue alternate routes and make one big decision near the end of the game.

It's not a role-playing game, but the ability to make changes gives the game depth as we've never seen in a Gears of War game. How these decisions will play into the next Gears of War game is unknown at this time. Perhaps the most popular choice will be the deciding factor.

7 Turn The Mature Content Off

For those who want a more pleasant experience with less brutal carnage, it is advisable to turn off the game's mature content. This option can be toggled in the start menu under the Mature Content option.

One can choose to rid the game of profanity or turn the blood and gore off. It's more of a preference thing since many will enjoy the game more with less blood. Gears 5 is rated M for mature, and it is by no means a game meant for kids.

6 Remap The Game's Controls

After the release of the Xbox One Elite Controller, Microsoft generously decided to add controller remapping to its leading franchises. Initially, it was only possible with the Xbox Elite Controller but was later made a game feature.

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Developer The Coalition changed the control scheme of Gears 5, making the chainsaw button RB instead of B. Changing the button for the chainsaw is one of the button changes made possible through control remapping. Play around with the controls until you find a comfortable setting.

5 Turn Off Health Bars

Playing Gears 5 with health bars is a significant change since the original Gears of War trilogy. Thankfully, video game developer The Coalition only added health bars to select tough enemies. Weaker enemies like Drones and Wretches don't require health bars since they have low health.

Still, for many players, the option to turn off health bars can provide a more immersive experience. One can turn off health bars from the start menu under the Game option. The Coalition gives you a choice, and that is one reason why we love Gears 5.

4 Play As Dave Bautista

That's right! Dave Bautista, the wrestler, is coming to Gears 5 as a playable character. Dave Bautista is no longer a wrestler, but he's gone Hollywood since then, appearing in a string of movies and video games.

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Possibly in response to viewer demand for a Gears of War movie starring Dave Bautista, The Coalition has made him a playable character in Gears 5. As of now, he will be a timed exclusive who becomes available to players between September 15th and October 28th.

3 Go Snowboarding (Sort Of)

New gameplay elements make Gears 5 a blast to play. We have to give credit to The Coalition for integrated new gameplay elements that improve the game. One unique part of Gears 5 is a type of snowboarding.

It's called a skiff, and it is a sled that is propelled by a windsail. You'll be able to move at a fast pace across various landscapes. The open-world exploration part of the game is why Gears 5 is so phenomenal. After playing the game, you'll realize why the skiff is so important.

2 One-Shot Enemies With The Longshot Sniper Rifle

For those who want to test their aiming skill and rack up some points while doing so, using the Longshot sniper rifle is worth it. One headshot with an active reload will automatically give you a kill in online multiplayer, and it will also do it for most anthropoid enemies depending on the difficulty.

Getting a headshot with the Longshot Relic, a variant of the Longshot sniper rifle is easier since it has a chance to give an extra shot after firing.

1 Set Achievement Art As Your Xbox One's Home Screen Background

Unbeknownst to many, it is possible to set achievement art as your background. Pressing the home button the moment your achievement unlocks opens a menu. From this menu, players can press the option to set the achievement art as your Xbox home screen background.

Achievement art can be accessed at any time by clicking the home button and going to the leftmost tab. Quite a few games allow you to set achievement art as your background, but not all of them.

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