10 Easter Eggs Only True Fans Caught In Gears 5

Gears 5 has only been out for a couple of days, but the internet is already abuzz with Easter eggs and cute references that players have found throughout the game. As is the case with many video games, Gears 5 is littered with fun hidden references and Easter eggs, and many of them require some serious sleuthing to detect. Luckily, we're to help you on your quest.

Some are easy. Some are hard. But regardless, all are worth exploring and finding. These are ten Easter eggs that only the true fans caught throughout Gears 5.

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10 Fish Stick

Perhaps the most famous Easter egg found so far is the totally random and hilarious fish stick weapon. It can be found in the very first chapter of the game, Shot in the Dark. Right after the team separates, you will drop down into a dark sewer. Look around for the four valves on the pipes, and shoot each of them until they begin smoking. Once that is done, a literal fish on a stick will descend in a Heavenly beam of light, and JD will say, "Easter egg, baby!" You can then pick up the random weapon and smack away! It's a lot of fun and it looks totally ridiculous. What more do you want?

9 "Thanks For Playing"

This Easter egg can be found at the very beginning of the game, even before finding the fish stick weapon. Immediately upon descending into the abandoned research facility, you'll want to head up the little path and turn back towards the water, looking down into the basin. It is here that you must use Dave's scanning ability.

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Once the scan goes over the water, you will see text reading "Thanks for playing. - T.C." T.C. obviously stands for The Coalition, the development team behind Gears 5. Thanks for the great game, T.C.!

8 Enemy Of The State

And here we come across yet another Easter egg found within the opening chapter of the game. After defeating the Snatcher, you will come into what looks like a dark office area filled with consoles and chairs. You then must act like a total child and run into and topple ALL of these chairs. This will prompt Marcus to tell JD to "grow up," which is entirely fair. If you keep doing it, you will be told by a robotic voice that you are committing a finable offense. Keep doing it, and you will become an "enemy of the state," which JD rightfully says "is not good." That's an understatement.

7 Kait's Theme

Whenever you come across a piano, chances are that there is an Easter egg attached to it. This Easter egg can be found in act four chapter one, after being raised up into the abandoned house. To your left is an old piano. You know what to do. Approach the piano and hit "x." Kait will swing her gun and hit the piano, causing it to play a rendition of Kait's Theme. So, how exactly does this work? Is Kait playing the piece herself? Is it a ghost piano? Or maybe it's just a fun Easter egg and we should stop asking stupid questions.

6 Hamilton Poster

As we'll find out, Gears 5 is absolutely riddled with Easter eggs referencing Hamilton, the smash Broadway musical. Throughout act one chapter four (The Tide Turns), you can find posters for a musical called "Embry." The poser sees a man holding his left hand triumphantly in the air and standing on half a cog. The tile "Embry" can also be seen within the cog. This is a super obvious reference to the Hamilton poster, which contains a man silhouetted in an identical pose and standing on half a star. And guess what? The title "Hamilton" is within the star itself, just like "Embry."

5 The Palace Theater

This one may be a bit of a stretch, but eh, we're counting it anyways! The play "Embry" is being performed in The Palace Theater, and the player is able to explore this theater at their leisure. This may be a reference to The Public Theater, an Off-Broadway theater that hosted Hamilton from February to May of 2015.

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The theaters sound a little alike, and each contain the initials "TPT." Maybe this is just our conspiracy brains working overtime, but when you consider the other obvious references, we don't think it's too much of a stretch.

4 Nassar Embry (That's My Name)

We're not done with the Hamilton parallels quite yet! Within The Palace Theater you can find a collectible called "Song Lyrics." These lyrics are for a song called "Nassar Embry (That's My Name," the opening number to the play. The song obviously serves to introduce the setting and titular character to the audience. This is an obvious reference to "Alexander Hamilton," the opening introductory number to Hamilton. They also follow a similar structure, including opening with a question and utilizing a "then a..." twist in the middle of the verse.

3 "Puke Faced Fascist!"

Have you ever wanted to be called a "puke faced fascist?" We mean, who hasn't? Luckily, Gears 5 provides just the opportunity! In act two chapter one, you'll find a greenhouse bathed in a beautiful pink light. If you shoot the three potted plants in the greenhouse, you will be treated to some extremely colorful language by what we presume is the greenhouse's inhabitant. Needless to say, the man is none too happy with your actions, and he isn't afraid to show it. We can't repeat the lines here, not only because that would be highly inappropriate, but because it would also spoil the wonderful surprise!

2 Dom's Embry Star

If you want to feel really emotional, be sure to find Dom's Embry Star. It can be found in act one chapter three, This is War. After defeating the two Pouncers, you'll want to head towards the building from which the Scion emerged. Head upstairs and continue straight ahead, and you'll find shards of what seems to be a vase scattered across the floor. In the drawer behind these shards is Dom's Embry star, which reads, "Private Dominic Santiago ES For Courage." Dom was awarded this medal for his role in the Battle of Aspho Fields. How it ended up here, we have no idea.

1 The Memorial Wall

And just to end this list on the most depressing note possible, we'll mention the beautiful Memorial Wall Easter egg. This memorial can be found in act four chapter one. However, if you had managed to collect all ninety collectibles throughout the campaign (including Dom's Embry star), then a button prompt will appear in front of the memorial. Pressing x multiple times will cause various items from past Gears games to appear, including Carmine's helmet. Each item is accompanied by an echoed quote, signifying a past long gone by. Following this, various "ghosts" will appear, including that of Dom, Carmine, and Adam Phoenix. It's sad, beautiful, and incredibly nostalgic all at once.

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