Gears 5: Save Del or JD?

For the most part, Gears 5 plays out like a typical Gears of War campaign. This means that the narrative is strictly linear...up until the very end, that is, when players are given a choice between two characters. Some Gears 5 players may be wondering which character they should pick, and may be curious as to how the final scenes of the game play out if they pick one character over the other.

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Please note that this article will have MASSIVE SPOILERS for the Gears 5 ending.

In Act 4 Chapter 1 of Gears 5, which is the second-to-last chapter in the game, JD Fenix and Del Walker are attacked by Reyna, who has become the queen of the Swarm. Reyna is now outfitted with tentacles that she wraps around the necks of JD and Del, and Kait has to choose which one of her friends to save. Whoever is controlling Kait in this moment has a limited amount of time to make their choice, and whoever they don't save gets their neck snapped by Reyna.

Since the Gears of War games have presented linear narratives in the past, this is a huge deviation from series norm, and it remains to be seen which death is actually cannon. However, the events that follow this moment largely play out the same regardless of which character players choose to save. The only real difference is the dialogue. So for example, if players choose to save Del and JD dies, there is an emotional scene where Marcus is told about his son's death. However, if players choose to save JD and Del dies, Marcus comforts his son about his friend's death, and Fahz also has a sad moment where he finds out his friend is gone.

There is no gameplay advantage or disadvantage to choosing JD or Del. The choice really boils down to which dialogue scenes players want to see play out in the final moments of the game. And of course, Gears 5 players can just jump back in at Act 4 Chapter 1 and replay the last couple of chapters in the game to see how the ending players out differently if they so desire. As we pointed out in our Gears 5 review, the campaign is quite fun anyway, so it doesn't hurt for players to check it out again.

Gears 5 launches on September 10 for PC and Xbox One.

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