Gears 5: How to Get Rockstar Energy Weapon Skins

Exclusive weapons skins.

Gears 5 is the latest installment in the Gears of War franchise, promising a great blockbuster experience as one of the major Xbox/PC exclusive titles. Many players have been able to access Gears 5 early, and things look good for long-time fans as well as curious newcomers.

Gears 5 provides players with a compelling new story, large environments to explore, and several multiplayer modes to extend the game’s replayability. Like many modern blockbuster titles, Gears 5 also offers unlockable content in the form of cosmetic weapon skins, playable characters, and other visually appealing equipables. Many can be acquired through grinding for Gears 5’s Scrap currency, but of course there is also in-game currency and content for players to spend real-world money on.

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Many weapon skins and cosmetics are unlockable through Gears 5’s premium currency. However, there are also cosmetics that are available through a cross-promotion with Rockstar Energy. If players are fine with going out and buying real-world products that come with in-game rewards, this may be a more appealing notion than simply buying in-game currency. Likewise, people who already buy Rockstar drinks will have a chance to get something extra out of their purchase.

Specially marked Rockstar Energy drinks will provide codes to unlock exclusive weapon skins and banners. Some of these codes are only available in Rockstar drinks sold at Walmart.

The gun skins that players can get through these special energy drinks are the Rockstar JD Lancer, the Rockstar Kait Lancer, the Rockstar Marcus Lancer, and the Rockstar Scorpion Lancer. The banners are the Rockstar JD Banner, the Rockstar Marcus Banner, the Rockstar Scorpion Banner, and the Rockstar Swarm Banner. The exclusive Walmart skin is The Rockstar Swarm Lancer. The weapons skins provide bright color schemes, while the banners show off blood-red designs with a Rockstar Energy logo emblazoned on the lower end of the banner.

Other cosmetics and characters are available through cross-promotions as well. The WWE character Batista is playable in Gears 5, played by Dave Bautista himself. The cosmetics, however, are just one small part of the Gears 5 experience. They may motivate many players to keep coming back so they can show off new gear, but for others the main attraction is the story and single-player experience.

Gears 5 is available now on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, and launches on September 10 for PC and Xbox One.

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