10 Unresolved Mysteries & Plot Holes Left Hanging In Gears 5

Gears 5 is one of the most controversial games to be released this year. Developer The Coalition took some bold risks with Gears 5, instead of playing it safe as they did with Gears 4. The direction The Coalition took left a ton of open-ended questions, and only time will tell when they can be answered.

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DLC, a sequel, drastic fundamental changes for Gears of War? It's tough to say how they could conclude this story—or if they ever will. For now, these are 10 unresolved mysteries & plot holes left hanging in Gears 5.

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10 What Will Happen To The Hammer Of Dawn?

The Hammer of Dawn has grown into a questionable weapon due to its unpredictability. Because of its drawbacks and the fact she lost family members to the Hammer of Dawn, First Minister Mina Jinn ordered that the Hammer of Dawn stay offline. The protagonists had other plans and relaunched satellites into space, bringing the Hammer of Dawn back online.

With satellites still rotating Earth, it is unknown what will happen to the Hammer of Dawn. It is responsible for killing a major character in Gears 5 and the future of the Hammer of Dawn is moot.

9 Can We Expect Another Member Of The Carmine Family?

First appearing in Gears 5, Elizabeth Carmine is another member of the Carmine family who serves for the COG. She is the first female member of the Carmine family to appear in a Gears game. Her death came as a surprise since we had only just met her moments before the tragedy.

One mystery that is on a lot of our minds is if another Carmine family member will appear in Gears 6. Surely, there can't be too many members left since one dies in almost every Gears game. The family might be cursed. Perhaps they should pursue a different career choice. Members such as Clayton Carmine and others from the manga are still alive, so it seems the Carmine family isn't done yet.

8 What Does The Future Hold For Queen Reyna?

After Queen Reyna one of your comrades' neck (either JD or Del), the ground begins to shift, and Queen Reyna disappears. This ending to Gears 5 opens a world of possibilities for Gears 6.

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Perhaps Queen Reyna is ill and can be brought back to the good side. Judging by her bizarre behavior in Gears 5, it looks as if she's gone through horrid transformations. She may indeed be lost, and the only way to stop Queen Reyna could be to kill her.

7 Will Marcus Fenix Return?

Marcus Fenix is slowly becoming less of a part of the Gears of War game series. As he grows older, it is only a matter of time before he retires from the COG. The Coalition may not give Marcus Fenix such as bliss ending, so Marcus Fenix may be killed off in a future Gears of War game. We can only hope that The Coalition gives the peaceful ending to Marcus Fenix that he deserves. The series won't be much without Marcus Fenix, so he may remain as a Gears of War protagonist.

6 Is Adam Fenix Still Alive?

Marcus's father, Adam Fenix, is known for his work on the Hammer of Dawn and for being a former Gear. Adam Fenix was supposed to be dead in the first Gears game, yet he returned in Gears 3 despite Marcus having watched him die. It wouldn't be out of the question for Adam Fenix to return despite having been obliterated in Gears 3. It wouldn't be the first time Marcus's father returned from death to make another appearance in Gears of War.

5 Whose Side Is Kait Diaz On Anyway?

She wore a Locust necklace and went full-on beast mode during Gears 5, murdering her uncle. Also, she shows defiance towards Jinn. She's unpredictable and we don't know who side she's on. The changes that Kait Diaz has gone through since Gears 4 have changed her for the worse.

It looks as if Kait is losing control and is slowly becoming a pawn of her mother, Queen Reyna. As the leader of the Swarm, Queen Reyna could change Kait's allegiance. Her headaches are getting worse, and it is unknown what will happen in the next Gears game.

4 Did Kait Mean To Kill Her Uncle?

When Kait Diaz was taken by a Snatcher, she was given the power to control Locust members; she also heard the voice of her mother. Players witnessed first-hand the killing of Kait's uncle by Kait. Perhaps this event foreshadows what will happen to Kait.

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Without a doubt, she is losing control and her headaches are growing worse. Following in the footsteps of Queen Myrrah and her mother seems like a strong possibility at this point. Did Kait mean to kill her uncle?

3 Is JD Redeemed For What He Did?

Fahz Chutani reveals the news that James Dominic Fenix was the one who ordered the killings of peaceful protesters. From what we gather, some of the protesters were throwing incendiary grenades. Were his actions justly taken? JD is the one who called in the Hammer of Dawn strike that led to the death of COG, including Elizabeth Carmine. JD walks around with the weight of the world on his shoulders, but maybe he should be reminded of his reckless acts. Now that Gears 5 is over, we can ask, is JD redeemed for his past actions?

2 Can We Expect A DLC Story Mission?

There are a bunch of unresolved side plots in Gears 5. We know that The Coalition is dedicated to adding content to Gears 5 in the form of multiplayer maps, but what about a story DLC? A story DLC could resolve many of the questions contained in this list. Burning questions like what happened to JD and Del could be resolved in a story DLC. We are eagerly waiting to hear the fate of our beloved protagonists—and Gears 6 couldn't come soon enough.

1 Will JD Or Del Be In The Next Gears Game?

The question that is on most of our minds (if you finished the game) is who will be in the next Gears game? Players were given a choice to save one person, so in everyone's game, there is a divide between choices. JD or Del could appear in the next Gears game. Developer The Coalition could base the game on popular vote, or make it like Telltale where your decisions carry to the next game. Another possibility is for them to remove both characters from Gears 6 and give them a small closure scene. It's really up in the air at this point.

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