Gears 5 Operation 2 Release Date, New Playable Characters, and More Revealed

It's been a few months since the launch of the Microsoft-exclusive Gears 5, and the game is now nearing the end of its first Operation. Operations in Gears 5 are the game's equivalent of "seasons," and fans have been eagerly anticipating Operation 2 and what it will bring to the table. The Coalition has now pulled the curtain back on Gears 5 Operation 2, confirming its release date, playable characters, and more.

The Gears 5 Operation 2 release date is December 11, so fans have until then to unlock everything that they want from the game's first Operation. Gears 5 Operation 2 will see the addition of at least two new playable characters to the game in the form of Lizzie Carmine and Damon S. Baird. Baird is a longtime Gears of War character who has been in the series since the start, whereas Lizzie Carmine was introduced in the Gears 5 campaign.

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Gears 5 Operation 2 is titled Free for All because the main new game mode it will be adding is, as its name suggests, a Free for All mode. However, Free for All won't be the only new game mode added to Gears 5 as part of Operation 2. The Coalition has teased more new game modes in addition to some new maps, with specifics to be announced later this week.

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Gears 5 has had some stiff competition since its launch, having to contend with the likes of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and the big Fortnite Chapter 2 update. However, Gears 5 still has a respectable player base, and it's possible that the big Operation 2 update will convince some lapsed players to come back and check things out. If The Coalition is able to add another celebrity to the game like it did with Marvel Cinematic Universe star Dave Bautista, then it may stand an even better chance at accomplishing this goal.

In the meantime, The Coalition has many more free updates planned for Gears 5. All of the major Gears 5 DLC will be released to the community for free, so fans don't have to worry about spending any extra cash to check out any of this new content either. This approach combined with regular updates from The Coalition could see Gears 5 maintain its player base for the long haul.

Gears 5 is out now for PC and Xbox One.

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