Gears 5: How to Get Through the Fire in Act 1 Chapter 4

gears 5 act 1 chapter 4 how to get through the fire

Gears 5 is a fairly straightforward game, and it's unlikely that players will get stuck at too many parts, unless it's a particularly tough boss battle or something like that. However, there are a couple of moments in the campaign that can be somewhat confusing, especially since the game doesn't explicitly tell players what they need to do in that particular instance. One of these moments comes in Act 1 Chapter 4 when the players need to move through some fire.

In Gears 5, Act 1 Chapter 4 starts off with the path blocked by fallen rubble and flames. If players try to move through the fire, they will catch on fire and die. Facing the flames, head to the right to find a door that can be kicked open. Inside of this small room is an upgrade for JACK the robot that lets him buff the human characters with Stim. Stim basically makes the player near-invincible for a short period of time, allowing them to move through hazardous environments, including fire.

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Activate the Stim and then run through the flames, and keep in mind that Stim will come in handy later on as well. Players can use it to negate attacks from enemies that would otherwise be devastating, as well as get through other hazardous environments. For example, in the snow levels that have been heavily featured in Gears 5 trailers, players have to traverse through liquid nitrogen using Stim to avoid being frozen to death.

JACK's expanded role in Gears 5 sees the robot companion used a lot more frequently than he was in past games. Instead of JACK just opening doors, he can provide a variety of buffs for the players. Besides Stim, JACK can also help players by turning them momentarily invisible, scanning the environment for enemies and objects of interest, and more. Players will collect more upgrades for JACK as the Gears 5 campaign progresses, so he only becomes more useful as the game goes on.

When playing in 3-player co-op, players will have to rely on another player to use JACK's abilities at the right time, otherwise they can choose when JACK uses his abilities. Either way, players should use JACK's abilities liberally as they play through the Gears 5 campaign.

Gears 5 launches on September 10 for PC and Xbox One.

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