Gears 5: How to Get Scrap

In Gears of War 5, developer The Coalition has decided to do away with paid loot boxes. While the loss of loot boxes might seem like less money for Microsoft, it has instead replaced loot boxes with other kinds of microtransactions and new collectibles.

Players will need to collect three different types of drops to use as currency for the things they want to buy in-game. There is both free Scrap and paid Iron that is used for cosmetics, and then Supply Drops that gives players random rewards for in-game time. This guide will give players the lowdown on Scrap; where to get it and how to use it.

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Where to Find Scrap

Whenever players open a supply drop, there are tons of different options for items they can get. Every time a duplicate item comes up in a supply drop, it's automatically converted to Scrap. This is the only way that players can earn Scrap. The more a player has, the more cosmetic items they will be able to purchase.

Although the devs toted this model as a more player-friendly than the old money-driven loot boxes, it will be incredibly difficult for new players to earn it. Since newbies won't have many supply drop items, next to nothing that drops will be a duplicate. Therefore, getting more Scrap is going to be more of a long-term goal for most players.

So how can players open more supply drops to earn more Scrap? Since players can't buy supply drops with real money, playing online is the only option. Playing Horde, Escape, or Versus mode, which are all multiplayer modes, are the only way to get supply drops. Since no one can buy Scrap or the drops that supply them, it means all those cosmetics will just have to be earned through sheer hours spent playing online.

How to Use Scrap

After playing a few rounds online, how do players use their newfound Scraps? First, open the Character Customization menu. Next, select the character that the cosmetic item will go to. The price will appear at the bottom right corner in Scraps. Hit Create, and the new item is ready to go.

With Scrap, players can purchase cosmetics and even upgrade Horde and Escape character power, as long as players already posses the card for that power. Since Scrap is pretty difficult to come by in Gears of War 5, players will want to make sure that they are spending it wisely.

Gears of War 5 is available for Xbox One and PC.

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