How Many Acts and Chapters are In Gears 5?

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The new Gears of War game takes some major departures when it comes to the campaign. Gears 5 is out for everyone on Tuesday and fans want to know how long it takes to beat and what the structure of the game looks like.

Gearsis the latest in Microsoft's exclusive cover shooter franchise and it released for Game Pass Ultimate subscribers on September 6. We praised the game in our Gears 5 review and found out that despite the fact that it has fewer chapters than previous entries in the franchise, Gears 5 has the potential to be the longest Gears campaign yet.

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All previous main series Gears of War games (Gears of War: Judgement experimented with a different structure) followed the same five-act structure. Each game had five-acts usually containing three to six chapters each. The amount of chapters per act varied from game to game, but generally the acts in the middle were longer and the final act was often shorter. For example, Gears of War 4 had five acts containing 23 chapters and a prologue.

Gears 5 only consists of four acts, with fewer chapters per act overall as well. There are only 15 chapters total this time around. Four in Act One, five in Act Two, four in Act Three, and only two in the finale Act Four.

The kicker is that these chapters are often a bit on the longer side, some taking over an hour. This is change-up compared to the old model, where most chapters would take roughly 30 minutes, resulting in campaigns that lasted between 8-10 hours. The Gears 5 campaign ends up being a tad longer, clocking in at around 10-12 hours, depending on how thoroughly one explores the environment and how many side quests they complete.

The more open-world style areas that appear later in the game, as well as many slow mostly narrative focused chapters mix up the pacing of the game a bit, enhancing the length but in doing so Gears 5 rewards exploration more. There is a greater focus on collectibles and exploration, which gives players a wider window when it comes to completion time. Some players could plow through the game and see the ending in eight hours, but others might take their time and complete it in 12.

Campaign isn't all there is to Gears 5, though. The game includes the classic Versus and Horde modes, as well as a new Escape co-op mode, and is full of fun launch window DLC characters that include Spartans from Halo, The Terminator, and Dave Bautista.

Gears 5 launches on September 10 for PC and Xbox One.

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