Every Gears 5 Horde Mode Ultimate Ability, Ranked

Many different games and franchises have tried to do their twist on the Gears of War game mode known as Horde. In Gears 5, it seems that the development team wanted to add another layer to the addictive round-based mode by giving each playable character a unique ultimate ability.

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Some are more useful than others, but given the right situation and enough creativity, each one can be used effectively. Let's now look at every Gears 5 horde mode ability in the game and rank them from worst to first.

9 Sarah Connor - Heavy Hitter

The best parts of video game crossovers are when the merging of the two worlds feels authentic to both. For Sarah Connor, her ultimate ability in horde mode rings true to the things she's accomplished throughout the Terminator franchise. Her ultimate is called 'Heavy Hitter' and once activated it provides a buff to all of her ballistic weapons. Every time one of her ballistic weapons hits it not only causes a knockback animation, but it will also stun the enemies who were hit.

8 Jack - Hijack

Jack may be a robot, but the companion provides a gameplay solution for those with accessibility issues or those who are new and/or inexperienced with the game. Its ultimate ability is called 'Hijack' and outside of being a wonderful pun, it lets players take control of an enemy and use them to fight against their army.

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Being able to manipulate enemies during horde can quickly turn a situation where your team is cornered into the perfect opportunity for a well-timed flank from one of their own.

7 Fahz - X-Ray

Often gamers will hear about these mods on PC shooters that allow cheaters to see enemies through walls, and sometimes they're even able to shoot through solid objects and secure kills. Well in the new horde mode it seems that Fahz is the walking version of such a mod. His ultimate ability allows him to see enemies through walls and also allows him to shoot them. This provides a huge tactical advantage while also allowing Fahz to engage when his other teammates can't. If communication works smoothly in a team, everyone can know where their enemies are at.

6 Kat - Decoy

Anyone out there who has played Apex Legends and used the character Mirage should be familiar with Kat's ultimate horde ability. It's called 'Decoy' and simply sends out a decoy of herself in a straight line in whatever direction the player chooses.

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Confusing your enemies can provide the valuable seconds needed to either reposition, reload, or simply gather yourself. With the proper timing and movement, it can also help revive fallen teammates and flank incoming danger. This ability is similar to the 'Hologram' ability seen in Halo 4 and Halo: Reach.

5 Emile - Drop Shield

Given his up close and personal attitude and willingness to end a conversation with a shotgun blast, it's surprising that Emile's ultimate horde ability is more on the support side. Upon activating 'Drop Shield' a shield is deployed which prevents projectiles from passing through. In a way, it makes it so his enemies have to try and enter the shield which brings them just as close as Emile prefers. The ability also strengthens the crossover of Xbox's two biggest franchises in a meaningful way. This type of ability has been seen in past Halo games, and it has officially made its way to Gears 5.

4 Del - Reinforce

If you've played either of the recent Gears titles then you're familiar with the annoying enemies known as trackers. They're small little spider-like drones that roll up into a ball to move and once they're in proximity to their target they explode.

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Del has a certain affinity for tech and robots so it should come as no surprise that his ultimate ability called 'Reinforce' allows him to call in multiple trackers that target enemies. It turns out that they're just as bothersome to your enemies as they are to you.

3 Kait - Camouflage

Kait's ultimate ability is called 'Camouflage' and does exactly what the name suggests. While it's active Kait is invisible to enemies which gives her the ability to go after them in a more stealth-oriented playstyle.

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It can also be used defensively to keep Kait out of trouble or to make a trek into hostile territory in hopes of reviving a downed teammate. Considering the horde mode is all about fending on tons of enemies it helps to be able to hide from their unwavering attention towards you and your crew.

2 JD - Artillery Strike

JD's ultimate ability in horde mode is a little more precise than the others as he gets to target a specific enemy. It's called 'Artillery Strike' and upon finding and marking a target it will fire 5 artillery missiles at the enemy in the open who was targeted by JD, himself.

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The reason it's so useful is that you can specify an exact target, and as the rounds go on being able to focus fire on one dangerous enemy could mean the difference between advancing and failing. Just make sure you target the right enemy.

1 Marcus Fenix - Living Legend

Aim assist is often seen as a tool for those who lack the skill of precise fire. For Marcus Fenix, it turns out to be a benefit of experience and trauma. His ultimate horde ability is called 'Living Legend' and upon activation will automatically fire at the heads of enemies in sight. It will also do the same for teammates in the immediate area. It turns out that sometimes saving the world provides you with some extraordinary abilities that can turn the direst predicament into a killing spree. Or at the very least turns shoddy aiming skills into precision and finesse.

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