Gears 5 Has A Bunch of Hamilton Easter Eggs

gears 5 hamilton

Players have found an odd reference in Gears 5 that just might make history buffs and fans of stage musicals run out and pick up the game. It turns out that Gears 5 references the popular musical Hamilton, not once, but many times throughout the course of the campaign.

For anyone who doesn't know, Hamilton centers around the popular historical figure Alexander Hamilton. It gives his biography the stage show treatment with a hip-hop coating that put writer Lin-Manuel Miranda on the map. Now, it has popped up in maybe the most unlikely of places, and while it's not the only strange reference in Gears 5, it definitely comes as a surprise.

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The Easter eggs extend as a running-gag throughout the campaign and has roots in the Gears of War lore. The references begin with a collectible found early in the game called "Song Lyrics." The collectible claims to come from the song "Nassar Embry (That's my Name)" and states that it's the opening song from Embry: The Musical. This references the opening song "Alexander Hamilton" from the Hamilton musical and the lyrics in the collectible feature a similar cadence to the ones found in the actually show. In Gears, Nassar Embry found the governing body of Sera called The Coalition of Ordered Governments, which makes it an apt comparison.

gears 5 hamilton

The Coalition, Gears 5's developer, could have left the fun nod there, but instead, it decided to turn it into a running gag throughout the campaign. The team created official art for the Embry: The Musical that emulates the Hamilton poster, replacing the silhouette of Alexander Hamilton on a star with one of Nassar Embry standing on a gear and holding another gear. The player can find the posters littered throughout Gears 5's world on billboards, on the sides of buildings, and on walls in homes. The campaign even features a theater which advertises the production's "One Week" and has a dressing room with a photo of Nassar Embry next to the make-up brushes.

This series of references makes the Easter eggs bigger than just a fun little moment. It not only gives players some fun things to find but adds to the lore, and makes Gears 5 feel a little closer to the real world. It also might nod at Gears of War series creator Cliff Bleszinski's own transition into musical theatre.

Gears 5 releases September 10 on PC and Xbox One, but is available now in for Xbox Ultimate Game Pass subscribers.

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