Gears 5: How to Get Halo Characters

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Gears 5 is on the cusp of releasing, bringing with it plenty of content like a fairly long campaign that should take players up to 12 hours to beat and a versatile suite of multiplayer modes. With all of that just about to be available to players, there are those who are going to want to know how they'll be able to get all that content. Then there're those who just want to know how to unlock Spartans Emile-A239 and Kat-B320 from the game Halo: Reach and play as them in Gears 5.

When Gears 5 comes out, it'll come included with a Halo: Reach-themed character pack, where players will be able to find Emile and Kat alongside a number of cosmetics inspired by the 2010 title. These two super-soldiers will be playable throughout the game's multiplayer modes, such as Versus and the new Escape mode. This also applies to Horde mode, where they'll each have their own unique Ultimate abilities, making them more than just a cosmetic bonus for Halo fans.

Luckily for them, the process of unlocking them will be relatively easy, but it will come at a cost. There are two options for accessing the Halo: Reach character pack. One is to buy the Ultimate Edition of Gears 5, which will set folks back $79.99. The other is to download the game through Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, a subscription service that cost $14.99 a month. As it is, it'll cost a little more than the game's base price to get the Halo content.

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Microsoft will make Emile and Kat available to purchase separately from the Halo: Reach pack at some point. For now, though, players will have to content themselves with choosing either one Ultimate option or another Ultimate option. A cheaper option does not yet exist.

For those who missed out on Halo: Reach back in the day, the game marked the last time series creator Bungie worked on it before moving on to the Destiny franchise. In it, Emile and Kat are members of the elite Spartan squad known as Noble Team, and the story has players fighting alongside Noble Team on their ill-fated mission to protect the planet Reach from Covenant forces.

Going back to Gears 5, publications have managed to get early reviews out, Game Rant included. Game Rant's review for Gears 5 has praised it as "the most content-rich game in the series period," despite a few shortcomings with its Escape mode and microtransactions

Gears 5 will be out on September 10 for PC and Xbox. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers, however, will get the game earlier, starting on September 6.

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