Gears 5: Where to Find All Collectibles

Although the Gears 5 official release date isn't until September 10, many have already begun to dive in thanks to their Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription. Combined with the stellar reviews and free Operations DLC, it seems safe to say that some may be sticking with the game for a good while. This likely means that many will also find themselves trying to earn 100% of the game's achievements.

One of the most involved achievements for Gears 5 is  "It's Not Hoarding if Your Stuff is Cool," which requires players to collect all 90 collectibles throughout the story campaign. Collectibles consist of COG tags, documents, magazines, newspapers, books, and miscellaneous objects this time around. Luckily, finding them may not be as complicated as it seems. Players can, of course, pick up collectibles as they come across them and track them through the menu, but chapter select will also let players return and gather any missing collectibles.

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These collectibles are unevenly divided across the various acts and chapters in Gears 5, with the number of each collectible in each section noted here: Act I Chapter I (7), Act I Chapter 2 (5), Act I Chapter 3 (7), Act I Chapter 4(7), Act II, Chapter 1 (10), Act II Chapter 2 (4), Act II Chapter 3 (6), Act II Chapter 4 (10), Act II Chapter 5 (6), Act III Chapter 1 (5), Act III Chapter 2 (6), Act III Chapter 3 (13), and ACT IV (4). The final chapter, Act IV Chapter 2, does not have any collectibles.

This may help Gears 5 players recap what they missed where, but unless players know where the item is, it'll be hard to correct. Therefore, we recommend players check out the full detailed guide below from YouTuber MrWilliamThor. Act I begins at the start of the video, Act II around the 8-minute mark, Act III around the 20-minute mark, and act IV around the 29-minute mark.

While the campaign's story is receiving a ton of praise, there's more to Gears 5 than just that and collectibles such as Horde, Versus, and Hive. Gears 5's Horde Mode is arguably one of the best iterations of the mode from the entire franchise, so everything seems to be looking up for The Coalition's latest entry.

Gears 5 launches on September 10 for PC and Xbox One.

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