Gears 5: Estana Error, Server Issues Plague Launch

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The official Gears 5 release date is scheduled for next Tuesday, September 10, and many players are certain to be excited to jump into The Coalition's new third-person shooter very soon. That said, there are several options for those that are looking to play Gears 5 early, and some fans are already diving into the Gears 5 campaign and multiplayer offerings. However, this early access to Gears 5 has not been without its issues, as a number of players are encountering errors as well as connection and server issues.

The most common problem that players appear to be encountering is related to a Gears 5 ESTANA error, which is assigned Error Code 0x80004001. Players that experience the Gears of War 5 ESTANA error are instructed to visit the game's support website, but searching for the error there does not currently produce any solutions. That said, The Coalition has indicated that a full reboot of the game may correct some of the issues connected to the Gears 5 ESTANA error.

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With respect to exactly what these issues are, they are not exclusive to the Gears 5 multiplayer options, though some players are indeed reporting Gears 5 server issues and connection issues when attempting to play the online-focused modes. More specifically, the ESTANA error can lead to the Gears 5 campaign not loading, which may come as a bit of a surprise to those that were expecting the single-player offering to be free from any of the launch day issues that often impact multiplayer games.

However, The Coalition has been quick to act on player's indication that Gears 5 is not working, and the developer was implementing server side updates over the course of several hours last night. In a tweet that The Coalition made at 1:25am PST on September 6, the developer stated that it was "seeing a dramatic improvement to service stability," and hopefully this will continue to be the case as more players login to Gears of War 5 this weekend.

Certainly, the Gears 5 matchmaking issues, and the other multiplayer-centric problems that fans are experiencing, are in line with what players frequently see on a game's launch day. While the Gears 5 campaign issues are bit more of an anomaly, it seems that The Coalition is taking strides to resolve everything promptly, and it is likely that all bugs will be squashed before the game's official release date next week.

Gears 5 launches on September 10 for PC and Xbox One.

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