The 5 Best Weapons For Escape Mode In Gears 5 (& 5 Worst)

With Gears 5 out and about for more than a week already, gamers can now play the many modes the game has to offer. They can spend hours surviving in Horde Mode, dive into the Campaign for some jaw-dropping story moments, or flee for their lives in the brand-new Escape Mode. The Escape Mode is all about fast-paced, gun-running action.

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You and two other players have to escape the Swarm before a noxious gas wipes out them and you. Obviously, some of Gears' classic weapons are better suited to this task than others. Read on if you want to know which weapons will help you survive Escape Mode, and which will ensure your doom.

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10 Worst: Markza Mk 1 Marksman Rifle

Honestly, we love the gosh-darned Markza. It feels so satisfying to fire it, and it can pick off Swarm opponents with well-timed shots to the head. However, its innate precision and inclination toward long distances do not necessarily make it the best weapon to have during Escape Mode. Escape is all about rushing forward to your objective, not standing still and picking off targets. In a pinch, don't scorn the Markza. But, if you have the leisure to find yourself another weapon more suited to the frenetic action, don't hesitate to drop the Markza.

9 Best: Melee

Yes, a fist totally counts as a weapon. Ammunition is scarce in Escape Mode. In the Campaign, developers made sure to flood players with all types of ammo and guns so that the gameplay never grinds to a halt. In Escape, it's clear the developers wanted players to feel just a tad more stressed. If you can hit an enemy, do it. Don't waste a bullet when you can use your character's knife. Conserve all ammo for those foes that won't go down with a punch or two.

8 Worst: Enforcer Submachine Gun

Like the Markza, the Enforcer on its own is not a bad gun. However, it has a tendency for high recoil when a continuous spray of fire is going on. This means ammo might be lost without ever striking the Swarm.

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Steady players will know to fire the Enforcer in short bursts to reduce that recoil, but in the panic of Escape Mode, the inclination to spray and pray is prevalent. Players would be better off with another weapon that won't be so wasteful.

7 Best: Overkill Shotgun

The Overkill Shotgun is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, the fact that it expends two shots with every pull and release of the trigger can be a detriment to players. On the other hand, the massive damage it deals is a definite plus. This gun marks itself as one of the best thanks to the deceptive range it has on it for a shotgun. Just be sure that when you're playing Escape, only one of the three players is sporting an Overkill. Otherwise, you will run through that ammo like there's no tomorrow.

6 Worst: Longshot Sniper Rifle

The Longshot should definitely win some awards for being the most appropriately named sniper rifle in existence. However, it should be left in the dust when it comes to Escape Mode. It works just fine as a weapon, but the main aspect of a Longshot is to fire from a distance. And the one thing you should never do is put distance between yourself and your teammates while playing Escape Mode. That lesson should be Gears 5's Escape Mode 101. And with characters like Lahni geared toward close-range combat, the Longshot does not make a great deal of sense.

5 Best: Boltok Pistol

The Boltok combines the range of a pistol with the power of a shotgun, forming one of the best weapons in the Gears series period. Once you have that pistol in your hand, don't let go. Snub the Snub Pistol, and disregard the Talon. The Boltok is where it's at. It brings precision and damage to a fight, unlike the formerly mentioned pistols. The Boltok has been a mainstay for years in the Gears series, and there is no question as to why.

4 Worst: Claw Light Machine Gun

Within the world of Gears 5's story, the Claw is a weapon that was crafted by the Swarm. As such, it has a ragged appearance, looking as if it was in fact made by a group of manic members of the Swarm. It also fires as if it was made by the Swarm.

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The rate of fire and the spread are wild, with a rapid spray upon first pulling the trigger that eventually dwindles. This makes it one of those weapons that loses ammo more often than it practically spends them disintegrating Swarm.

3 Best: Lancer Assault Rifle

You can't go wrong with a classic Gears weapon. The Lancer Assault Rifle is a weapon you always want by your side. Like the other automatic weapons on this list, the Lancer does run the risk of being an ammo guzzler. However, it also comes complete with its own insta-kill mechanism. The Lancer is notorious for having a chainsaw blade attached to it, allowing players to annihilate any enemies unfortunate enough to get too close. This dual-weapon quality makes the Lancer perfect for Escape Mode.

2 Worst: EMBAR Railgun

The EMBAR first appeared in Gears of War 4, and it appealed to players who enjoyed fiddling around with the timing of their shots. Like the Torque Bow, the EMBAR must be fired at the perfect moment in order to deal out damage to foes. In the mad rush of Escape Mode, taking your time to line up EMBAR shots is not ideal. Unless you're a mad wizard with the EMBAR (in which case we take our hats off to you), don't bother with this finicky weapon.

1 Best: Gnasher Shotgun

By far one of the best weapons to have by your side in Escape Mode, the Gnasher hits the top of our list. Close range weapons are preferred in this mode, and the Gnasher's success is emblematic of that. While the Gears campaign is all about those cover mechanics, Escape Mode frequently pushes players out into the open as they make their mad dash to the exit. If you're not in cover, you need a weapon that will down enemies in a single hit. Enter the Gnasher.

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